No mandates yet – civil rights update tonight

<<Isn’t this the truth!

Joins us tonight for an urgent Zoom presentation tonight, Tues, Sept 7th @ 8PM (EST) to learn about your rights to protect yourself from the vaxx policies being implemented in the workplace, schools and sports teams. And we will be sharing a self-serve, easy to use Notice of Liability to get recourse for these unlawful policies.

This is all smoke and mirrors as the Ministry of Health has NOT implemented a mandatory vaxx, they have implemented a vaxx POLICY – you can read that here:

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 881 9491 8110

YOU HAVE RIGHTS AND LEGAL PROVISIONS TO PROTECT YOU! Now you will have a tool to seek remedy for those who have caused harm by implementing a vaxx policy.

#KnowYourRights #BeInformed #informedconsent >>