Know your rights!

Sept 14 Ford implemented a rinky dink C19 v a/x pass!!!port.

The intimidators of forced vaccinations are violating your rights under our Canadian Bill Of Rights.

Response to the va/x pass!!!port intimidators to a criminal violation of your rights is to initiate/serve notices of liability to them individually not the company or corporation, (at 7:15 on video – “start doing collections, lien their house, report a delinquent debt to equifax which affects their credit rating, etc.”)

50 Kingston businesses will not enforce tyranny

Interesting experience ! it’s not everybody letting the government turn them into a tyranny shill. Canada wide 80,000 businesses are known to having expressed objections to the criminal enforcement of the discriminating “showing of papers”.

This was my experience yesterday: I went to this business

Manara Shawarma
Restaurant • Kebab
Boulevard Saint-Joseph, 309

to get a Shawarma, and walked into an empty place with no customers at all. an unmasked lady came out of the kitchen, put her mask on, greeted me and told me if I had a vaccine passport I could sit inside and if I didn’t I’d have to sit outside.

I apologized to the lady and said under the circumstances I was unable to support the business and I went somewhere else.

On the way out I had a long discussion with her just explaining that there was no mandate and … Continue reading