50 Kingston businesses will not enforce tyranny


Interesting experience ! it’s not everybody letting the government turn them into a tyranny shill. Canada wide 80,000 businesses are known to having expressed objections to the criminal enforcement of the discriminating “showing of papers”.

This was my experience yesterday: I went to this business

Manara Shawarma
Restaurant • Kebab
Boulevard Saint-Joseph, 309

to get a Shawarma, and walked into an empty place with no customers at all. an unmasked lady came out of the kitchen, put her mask on, greeted me and told me if I had a vaccine passport I could sit inside and if I didn’t I’d have to sit outside.

I apologized to the lady and said under the circumstances I was unable to support the business and I went somewhere else.

On the way out I had a long discussion with her just explaining that there was no mandate and that business owners are breaking the law discriminating their customers the way she did. she didn’t have to enforce it and she said “that’s not my business I’m just working here”, in my head however, it was her having to deny this criminal game. I don’t depend on having a fixed job but I did not want to be in her shoes, and I told her that.

Finally, completely different experience at Tim Hortons on Greber and St Louis – walked in no mask on (usually I try to involve somebody outside in checking for me if the business tolerates mask exemptions and I didn’t even do that) the masked customer greeted me friendly after I said bonjour to him and to another masked customer who also greeted me back, then masked employees took my order and nobody ever told me anything about any masks and then I complimented them on that and then the young man by the name of Nadil who served me told me he felt it wasn’t his place, because what people do with their bodies is their decision and I said what is your name dear, and may God bless you and I’m an atheist.

I didn’t have the heart to shoot any video at Manara Shawarma but I’m going to have a video up from the Tim Hortons later.

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