Dispose of the QUÉBEC government

It turns out not only federally but even in the province of Quebec that otherwise has not signed on officially to the charter of rights, the peoples of la belle province can via a petition dismiss their failing government:



61% in favour of proportional representation

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Angus Reid poll shows majority support for proportional outcome

Today’s Angus Reid poll shows that three in five voters (61%) prefer the election results that would have been produced if their ballots had counted proportionally.

Supporters of a proportional outcome were a majority in every province. 

Predictably, Liberal voters were less enchanted with this particular hypothetical outcome than others, considering first-past-the-post delivered their party a 45-50 seat bonus compared to the popular vote. Support was particularly high among Conservative (78%) and NDP (80%) voters.

Angus Reid’s 2021 poll question differed from previous polling questions. It showed voters a hypothetical outcome―seat numbers―under a strictly proportional representation system in this election based on pre-election polling. 

Generally, polls ask Canadians how much they support the core principles of … Continue reading

Adverse reactions 41 times more frequent than reported.

Covid-19 Vaccines have killed at least 150,000 people in the USA including 574 children.

If all adverse vaccine events would be reported to VAERS that would result in 41 times more events, the Canadian researcher concluded.


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41 x times more than reported


A Canadian researcher has modelled, that 41 times more people are affected after the experimental injection than are actually being reported to VAERS – the vaccine adverse effects reaction reporting system indicates that 150,000 Americans are deceased as a consequence of having received the experimental genetic injection.

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Talk about complete arbitrary abuse of authority and making millions dependent and addicted to the product, while turning a blind eye to gross human rights abuses, “the worst possible things one can imagine”!