JPT’s RCMP security detail quits

Two ways of arguing this problem, can our rights and freedoms be infringed or not ?

Number one: the Bill of Rights has never been extiguished by any other documents not by the Charter not anything else that means there is not even a non-withstanding clause which would suspend civil rights and freedoms in case of emergency that was life-threatening to the majority of the population. That means even if we had a health emergency, according to the supreme law of the land no government of Canada and no provincial nor municipal government has any legit authorization to infringe on our rights.

This former security detail of our Crime Minister decided to take the more controversial road and argue with the Charter of Rights and furthermore alleged that there is NO CAUSE for an emergency – as the CDC changed the definition of The term “pandemic”, and there … Continue reading

Still births are exploding in Canada, Dr. Nagase explains

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RFK JR in Milano, NOV 13th 2021

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Speziell seine Illustrationen nach der Hälfte der Rede wie irreführend die Angaben zu der angeblichen Impfstoff Effizienz sind, erhellen den WAHN doch sehr.

Mardi, je donne.

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L’année 2021 a été marquée par de nombreux événements météorologiques extrêmes qui ont eu d’importantes répercussions.

Des records de chaleur aux incendies de forêt, en passant par la fumée, la sécheresse et les inondations, il est devenu impossible d’ignorer la crise climatique. Elle frappe de plein fouet les personnes les plus marginalisées et les plus vulnérables. Et c’est à nous tous et toutes de faire ce que nous pouvons pour la freiner.

La journée Mardi je donne ─ une journée internationale consacrée à la générosité ─ est justement l’occasion de soutenir l’action climatique. L’édition de cette année se déroule dans cinq jours, mais l’état de la planète ne peut pas attendre. Nous espérons collecter 49 738 $ avant mardi minuit, nous disposons donc de peu de temps.

Miss, maintenant, plus que jamais, la crise climatique a besoin de votre attention. Allez-vous faire un don spécial Mardi je … Continue reading

Canadian clowns in uniform RCMP arrest 2 Canadian journalists reporting from indigenous land

As published in the Toronto star

Two Canadian journalists arrested by RCMP while covering Wet’suwet’en land defenders in B.C.

Sat Nov 20 11:31:32 EST 2021

Two journalists were arrested and detained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia Friday night while reporting from Wet’suwet’en territory. Both remain in custody.

Since last year, media has covered RCMP raids in the territory, Indigenous rights and police removal of defenders of the land who are blocking the logging of old-growth forests in the area.

Photographer Amber Bracken was on assignment for The Narwhal when she was arrested. Filmmaker and photographer Michael Toledo, a freelance reporter who has been living in Wet’suwet’en territory in order to create a documentary about what Indigenous people face in the region, was also arrested.

The Narwhal said in statements posted to Twitter that they are “extremely disturbed” to learn that Bracken was arrested … Continue reading

Vaccine Declination

<<The below information reveals the following:
COVID-19 Vaccine Declination.
I have constantly received a direction from the Australian Government in one way or another pushing their mentalities & I feel very intimidated, harassed & continuously victimized by the Australian Government & it’s Press & our Public Services wanting to force “us the people” to receive the experimental COVID-19 poison/vaccination/s, which I think violates their own “Duty Of Care” Act, especially with the track record of these horrific results, Thus as I see is being illegal in every way & any way what so ever.

I note the following information published by the Therapeutic Goods Administration on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health:

  • The Australian Public Health Assessment Report for BNT162b2 (mRNA), with Propriety Product Name: Comirnaty, and Sponsor: Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd, dated January 2021.
  • The Australian Product Information Sheet for the Pfizer vaccine above.
  • The Australian Public Assessment Report … Continue reading
  • 61% in favour of proportional representation

    Fair Vote Canada

    Angus Reid poll shows majority support for proportional outcome

    Today’s Angus Reid poll shows that three in five voters (61%) prefer the election results that would have been produced if their ballots had counted proportionally.

    Supporters of a proportional outcome were a majority in every province. 

    Predictably, Liberal voters were less enchanted with this particular hypothetical outcome than others, considering first-past-the-post delivered their party a 45-50 seat bonus compared to the popular vote. Support was particularly high among Conservative (78%) and NDP (80%) voters.

    Angus Reid’s 2021 poll question differed from previous polling questions. It showed voters a hypothetical outcome―seat numbers―under a strictly proportional representation system in this election based on pre-election polling. 

    Generally, polls ask Canadians how much they support the core principles of PR―that the seats in Parliament should more closely match the popular vote or that every … Continue reading

    Continue reading

    Cross the US-CAN land border, it is your RIGHT!

    John Cipolla, former justice of the peace puts the law breaking, sacrifice trampling Canadian border Nazis in their place like nobody’s business.

    Dr. Sabina DeVita is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: ASMIN ANISHNABEK Métis Indigenous Nation special guest Johni Cipolla, former justice of the peace

    Time: Nov 15, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting, for access please eememail

    Greetings my dear friends of freedom, truth & light! Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pmWed. Jan. 12th, 2022If you are new to this ADVANCED group, Please prepare by reading the website & suggested documents (links below) beforehand.
    ‘Together we can stand up and create a better future!’ Our ASKIT website https://askit4equity.comZoom Link is below.QUESTIONS?Please send your questions to the website … Continue reading