Allergy? Or disease?

Last Friday’s presentation @StiftungCoronaAusschuss added the missing piece for me – since about two months I kept pointing out that, officially there’s no proof of the virus ! now after these two independent researchers #DrShankaraChetty #HansTolzin ,#ProfDrUlrikeKämmerer,,#ProfDrUlrikeKämmerer

one of which is an emergency MD – it is clear why the genome of this virus was never completely sequenced and there is no Koch postulates established: in fact what we are seeing is an ALLERGIC reaction to an over-stimulus in the injection or the disease causing agent, which is the cytotoxic spike protein / what ever other toxins are in the thing!
And that’s the other question that I had : what in fact is actually the difference between a disease and an allergic reaction?!?!
Looks like there isn’t one! That’s why we need a test that’s pretty much always testing positive. #pcrtestfraud
Otherwise how can we keep the panic going? But panic is what you need to make people follow insane laws.
What this really demonstrates is there is no more need for any ruler at all as we now have the means of communicating with each other directly that made representation obsolete a long time ago – they’re just trying to distract us from that!
The government is the mafia creating problems then to show up at our doorstep and present themselves as great protectors and saviours.
See this oppression for what it is! only then can you leave it behind! The link to the presentation on the website of the corona committee is in one of my previous posts here on my my independent news portal since 2009,

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