Bring back the brainwashed

A group of 30 scientists from Texas filed a freedom of information act request for the preliminary Pfizer trial data. They cited the reason as “the information would help alleviate vaccine hesitancy during a time when employment is dependent on cooperation”

The FDA asked the judge to seal the Pfizer trial records for 55 years and not release it until 2076

The judge disagreed and ordered them to release some immediately, we now have the first three months of preliminary data from Pfizer’s own trial (link below) where they recorded 42,086 adverse events, over 100 different side effects, 270 spontaneous abortions, 499 facial paralysis, 1050 autoimmune disease that resulted in 12 deaths, 275 strokes and a total of 1223 deaths caused by the vaccine in a total of three months!

The FDA is now asking for 75 years to release the Pfizer vaccine documents! Apparently The preliminary data from the three month trial did not help with vaccine hesitancy like the scientists hoped it would!
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