Mandating experimental health procedures is keeping families apart and divided.

Not getting my pictures uploaded here even though I tried for an hour now already just want to make a point in saying while I’m trying to find a way to South out and find myself apart from my real family while close together with my adopted family and friends who seem to get only better in bad times,

How really mean it is to keep security personnel, truckers, public servants, firefighters, emergency service staff apart from their loved ones and family for the holidays because of some backboned people still refusing to disclose private medical information travelling through the International border if I even should call it that way; everybody I talk to in the border adjacent communities tells me ‘we are One people and out that border should come down’, because it’s dividing communities who belong together and that also is an incredible economic impediment for those communities on both shores of that river.

What might be worse: to subject local agents to that same scientifically unsubstantiated dictate, deprive them of oxygen and brain power with the damage causing masks and subsequently make them commit constitutional and human rights crimes asking travellers inappropriate questions.

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