Kazakhstan = Kanada


Kazakhstan is not that different from


Canadians watch out – what is happening to you all?

Attention les Canadiens – qu’est-ce qui vous arrive?

#Solidarność = not only undermined but SET UP by the #CIA ?!

Starker Tobak, wäre jedoch nicht das erste Mal!

die größere Perspektive, für die mir leider noch die Dokumentationen fehlen …

belt and road initiative is the exact same next thing coming to Canada and this is why the place is got to be emptied, and everybody of their rights completely stripped.

Now the situation in Canada makes more and more sense and in the United States it was just to install an illegitimate president?

It’s like a bad dream and I can’t wake up and it’s getting worse every time the universe homes another little piece of the puzzle.

Which is is despite it all a magical process.

Canadian Crime Minister racketeering doc


The arrogance, the vacuum like absence of recourse or conscience, of any basic ethics nor understanding, not to expect empathy for what a violation of rights does to a victim, that Trudeau Junior has shown in the WE scandal and earlier under accusations of infringing in somebody’s bodily autonomy have shown the Canadian people the true colours of this criminal early on.

This is why by child abuse traumatized individuals need healing in a natural setting away from their social circle of crime and cannot be in office while they are acting out their trauma that knows only control and fear and from that experience has embedded that compliance is survival.

That is not an American way of life.

I’m not referring to the United States, that is the other for-profit corporation offering government services that nobody needs to opt in on, as it turns out … Continue reading

The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma • Children’s Health Defense

There’s a reason CNN’s Jake Tapper is intent on branding me a “menace” and “a liar,” and why he refuses to debate me on the merits of facts and scientific evidence. Here’s the back story.
— Read on childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/jake-tapper-sold-soul-pharma-rfk-jr/

Freedom Travel Alliance ✈️

A new airline is starting up with surviving pilots and flight attendants who are walking out on mandates, getting huge investors and starting a whole new travel model based on total sovereignty and medical freedom.

Why are they doing it?

“Our mission is to BE THE solution provider in the travel and transportation industry, as we believe in honoring everyone’s right to travel freely, unencumbered, and without discrimination.

Our goal is to bring joy and wonder back into travel and the hospitality industry.

We are building an ecosystem of like-minded members, partners, and businesses to ensure and safeguard our rights as sovereign beings which includes the right to move about the world as a Freedom Traveler.

Join us as we celebrate and highlight these new partnerships with businesses, communities, cities, states and countries who align with our goals to preserve our inalienable rights.”

There’s also a freedom Jobs website … Continue reading

Windsor hospital poisoning patients against their will


Amazing outcome that main stream media is reporting on a legitimate protest – what they failed to report however is the fact that the lady who got the number one conflict of interest drug which is known to shut down peoples’ vital organ systems such as kidneys and liver, (‘rim death severe’ is what dictation makes out of it ) Remdesivir, licensed to Anthony Fauci the Director of the CDC, specifically in writing expressed her own will not to be poisoned with that drug,

Protests ensued when it became known that the hospital in Windsor administered the drug anyway.

Everybody I know has health malfeasance horror stories and I’m going to be airing a few on my twitch channel yes the healthcare in this country is absolutely colonial and corporate and therefore not in the least conducted in the interest of regenerating anybody’s health. It is however conducted … Continue reading

Toxic experimental injections kill patients

🚨Dr. Bhakdi – “Covid-19-Impfstoffe töten Menschen, indem sie einen Autoimmunangriff von Killer-Lymphozyten verursachen”‼️

Dr. Bhakdi forderte die Öffentlichkeit auf, den Behörden nicht mehr zu gestatten, ihnen wiederholt eine experimentelle Injektion zu verabreichen, da sich die verursachten Schäden nach jeder Injektion erheblich verschlimmern.

Auszug von Dr. Bakhdi aus dem Video:

“Was Arne Burkhard fand, war bei 90 Prozent der Verstorbenen im Alter von 28 bis 90 Jahren. Frauen und Männer. Einer nach dem anderen, von denen man nie dachte, dass sie an diesen Impfstoffen gestorben waren. Er fand bei allen die gleichen pathologischen Befunde. Und das beweist, dass der Impfstoff sie getötet hatte.

👉 Wenn nun der Impfstoff 90 Prozent dieser Menschen getötet hat, indem er eine solche Zerstörung des Herzens durch Autoimmunreaktionen verursacht hat, was wir nicht beweisen können, aber der einzige gemeinsame Nenner war diese Impfung mit diesem verdammten genbasierten Impfstoff, der die Produktion dieser verdammten Spike in den … Continue reading

8 Important Things You Need to Know About COVID-19 Today

I might add the most important thing about Covid to me is the recognition that it is more of an allergic reaction when we are looking at the adverse effects and that is how long covid is being treated today successfully and mortality down to zero when you treat patients for allergic reactions!

🦠@COVID19Up: Here are the eight biggest stories we covered today that everyone should be talking about.

1. Several Thousand People Defy Protest Ban in Amsterdam to Oppose Dutch Government’s Lockdown Measures — Several thousand protesters in Amsterdam defied a ban on assembling and demonstrated Sunday against the Dutch government’s COVID-19 lockdown measures.

2. U.S. Virus Experts Now Question Whether Counting COVID-19 Cases is Still the Right Approach to the Pandemic — Public health officials are beginning to question whether using COVID-19 cases as a metric to determine pandemic policies is appropriate.

3. Indiana Life Insurance … Continue reading

Malone live on @Rogan number one ranked interview since its publication – an attempt of analysis through the eyezzz of the sovereign with Kelly Anne Wolfe

Robert Malone, Canadian crimes and the Sovereignty Movement – an interview with KellyAnne Wolfe aka Daanis Katori 8th NOV 2021

Have a listen to a somewhat recent exchange just airing in my latest Podbean publication, a long awaited output after 10 years – has it been?! Oh my!

I’m happy to see @PodBean having evolved into a full sized service provider for DIY journalists and producers. Looking forward to trying out the live feature sometime soon!

Happy new year – may it be full of courage and love.

Here is the odysee version:

Immigrant Truth bombs

COVID19 really is a distraction from the fact that no government is necessary to administrate any society anymore, seeing that we have arrived at that much chip power. The machine made its creators obsolete in favour of the people, who know longer have to do degrading monotonous work, because machines can do it.

One thing is really important: to claim that people shouldn’t do monotonous, degrading work, doesn’t mean one claims people shouldn’t work – if this is equalled in the response that is a very see-through attempt of gaslighting.

The most important work on this planet usually goes unpaid.

It is high time to shift our approval and value system away from monetary reward and instead consider the value for society as a whole.

If we did that, live music would be played in hospitals where it is scientifically substantiated to heal the sick and make happy the depressed … Continue reading

Word warrior woes.

“Up till now, those of us who want to remain in our normal health state have been derisively known as “The Unvaccinated.” And, what’s even worse, we have been naively cooperating by labeling ourselves the same as those who scorn us! It’s time to stop that nonsense!! Here’s why.

The word Unvaccinated in our context implies “lack.” The impression given by the term is that those who refuse the injections have (or are) “less than” those who take the injections. We are wrongly perceived as either sadly or stubbornly deficient or defective — even dangerous — because we lack a drug in our bodies that, in itself, is proving to be defective. How ridiculous! Do you feel a sense of lack?

Let’s look at some “UN” words to prove my point: Unenlightened. Unmarried. Unemployed. Unclean. Unattractive. Unhealthy. Uneducated. Undesirable. Unaware. Uncooperative. Uncaring. Uninformed.

Unvaccinated. Get the point?

Now, I propose … Continue reading