Convoy commentary

So you want fascism?

I found out it’s 50,000 trucks just on the Canadian side. They are joined by American truckers, adding another 40,000 trucks? Both vaccinated and unvaccinated truckers are fighting back against the government. We need it.

I’m sick and tired of the government overreach, and violations of human rights.

The truckers bring your food and supplies. Daily. They’re blocking borders on both sides. I hope you’re stocked up.

We don’t need all of these restrictions because people are scared of a cold. We need the truth to come out, you won’t get that from CBC, or any other news source who received that billion dollar payout.

Keep complying with this corrupt government and believing the corrupt media.

We’ll be in a fascist dictatorship oops… we’re already in one.

It’s going to get ugly if everyone’s grocery store shelves are empty because the government has mandated every trucker to be fully vaccinated. They are doing this so you and your family won’t starve. I’m not vaccinated and You will have to hold me down and knock me out in order to be able to inject that poison in to my body. Many of these truckers feel the same way. They will walk away from their jobs and we will see a food shortage crises.
These truckers are protesting so it won’t have to get that way. They are being peaceful.

I did not call you a fascist, but complying with insane government demands even after omicron is proven mild illness and the vaccines don’t work, people who are really scared… believe everything CBC, CTV or other government funded media platforms spew are the problem.

You think it’s ok to violate the charter of rights, and break the law by extortion against anyone refusing to submit to experimental vaccines to lose their livelihoods.

Anyone ok with that, is a fascist.

Your beloved Trudeau is paraphrasing Adolf Hitler. But that’s ok because of covid right? Arrest those people who refuse to comply.. because of covid this is ok?

Yeah, you’re a fascist. The sad part is that you don’t even realize it.

I’m sure you’re probably a nice guy. But make no mistake. You support violations against humanity.

You support mandatory experimental vaccines, and forced vaccination. You support social credit system. You probably think quarantine camps as described on CDC website under project shielding is acceptable because of covid.

That my friend is fascist.

If you wondered how the Holocaust happened? You’re living it now. The only difference between the two is that a lot of people are seeing what they’re doing. But people who are on their 4th jab? Lots invested right….

You’re participating in your own oppression and oppression against others.

Buddy, you’re a smart guy. But, smart people are fooled by their well crafted lie.

The “vaccines” do NOT prevent transmission. They do NOT prevent symptomatic infection. Therefore, persecuting those who choose not to put the substances into their bodies, has zero to do with health or safety, and everything to do with punishing those who would dare to not bow down to government.

As of today, in Ontario hospitals, there are more “vaxxed” than “unvaxxed” in the ICUs, almost 3 TIMES as many “vaxxed” in hospitals than “unvaxxed”, and the rate of infection per 100,000 people id higher in the “vaxxed” than the “unvaxxed”.

The “vaxxed” are the “super-spreaders”, and they are the ones using up the most hospital resources.

There is zero justification for the “mandates”, and there never WAS. It’s just a vendetta now.

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