JT’s INCREDIBLE AH in.citation

and scapegoting minorities w hate speech makes for xxxPensive lawsuits on taxpayer dime. Try the unbearable crime minister already!

It is galvanizing to watch these machines finally turned against the stream.

Trucks have a special fascination and always will have because no matter what the fuel of the future is going to be

the fascination with a big shiny machine is never going to end as long as humans are humans.

It is very interesting to note how all this is organized on a somewhat free array of networks allowing for into action and two-way media where even the audience can participate in fact the audience can become the media at any time and now that many of us have these resources in place

the black out in main stream will not matter anymore

And in dependency crystallized union organizations have no significance nor do industry associations – in this convoy, the people rule, drive and oversee this event together

That is a complete topple of conventional and especially as ‘capitalist’ branded Western pyramid hierarchies organizing not only the military, the entire security sector the military industrial complex the IT and security industry alliance with the pharmaceutical industry but now also claiming exclusive and discriminatory access to the market, ram blasting small business and eradicating the middle class.

That new egalitarian complex network of relationships allowing for linear hierarchies putting together images that will forever be a thorn in the side of the narrative is a fantastic accomplishment in itself and with our breath held we cannot but keep watching.

what an exciting time to be alive – this is how the north of turtle Island is going to remove the crown from the land.

Just one commentary : when you’re done in Ottawa – can you please go to Quebec City?

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