OPP: 2 million on the hill

The Ontario provincial police reported that there was about 100,000 trucks in the capital right now, an additional 2.3 million people on foot, and an abundance of trucks parked around town on various fields that farmers ploughed to accommodate the truckers.

The RCMP reported 130,000 trucks and 20,000 parked in the fields.

As for the Quebec side of the national capital region in Gatineau, downtown traffic was perfectly operational yet slow, as the Quebec Sureté moved to block the downtown bridges for traffic going into Ontario. Shortly after dark The most eastern bridge the MacDonald – Cartier bridge was opened in both directions and we saw the whole ramp covered in cars both lanes turning into three lanes with standing vehicles, standing their way all across the bridge into the Ontario sure covering it completely.

Sureté de Québec blocking access to MacDonald-Cartier Bridge Sat 29th Jan
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