Call w your complaint!

⚡️The peaceful protestors in Ottawa are getting beaten down, trampled and chemically attacked by traitorous goons of the state.

Not to mention the LRAD sonic weapons they have ready to go… This will go down in history as their greatest mistake.

SOURCE » Freedom Convoy UNCENSORED on Telegram


SOS?Call DND (Department of National Defense) OTTAWA @ 613-596-0124 dispatch will take your complaint of crimes being committed by police. Intimidating peaceful protesters. And plead with them to stand with the people to save our country!

Our warrior brothers and sisters in Ottawa need us more than ever! There is strength in numbers???

Share this…repost this please! Let’s make this go viral!

SOS #ConvoyForFreedom2022 #convoytoottawa2022



convoy2022 #ENDTHETYRANNY #policebrutality

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