Keep trucking, y’all!

I cannot keep up with the amount of events unfolding – the most interesting certainly being that the ASMI nation will serve notice to the city of Ottawa and anybody trespassing on the unceded territory upon which Wellington Street is situated.

Let me show you this notice!

So what that means is, not the city of Ottawa nor the province of Ontario nor the federal government of Canada will have any say over what happens on Wellington Street and in the downtown area.

Furthermore, and here comes the kicker: everybody who is being threatened of being towed can join that unconquered nontreaty nation by self declaring. In fact, the city of Ottawa, the province of Ontario and the federal government of Canada are trespassing on them, the here born and here adopted indigenous Canadians.

Hidden knowledge. And well hidden and for good reason.

Here’s the letter from the chief:

Anishinabek Solutrean Métis Indigenous Nation (ASMIN)
We will ask the Truckers to post, serve and circulate our Notice of Trespass, and our Permits to park on our Anishinabek Land. which are forthcoming today.
Take names of anyone who defies the Trespass notice. They will be tried in our Indigenous Court, which could be held in the Supreme Court building on Wellington which is on our Un-Ceded land, if we demand it.
Go to SCC building, stand on lawn and look to your right to see large reclined Indigenous Man silently protecting Clan Mother’s Jurisdiction.

Grand Chief Wabiska

This is the parking permit!

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