Stop vote on Monday

THANK YOU CONVOY – u did this!!!

———- Forwarded message ———
From: >
Date: Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 2:59 PM
Subject: Urgent – motion to abolish mandates scheduled at the House of Commons for 3pm on Monday.

? URGENT!!! ? The opposition has put forward a motion to abolish mandates! It is in the schedule at the House of Commons for 3pm on Monday. There will be a vote. We urgently need to write our MP an email (phone on Saturday as well!) so that they vote for the cancellation of all mandates. You can find who your MP is here by postal code: letter what to write to MP <name>,I am a resident of <town, province>. It has come to my attention that a motion has been put forward in the House of Commons to end COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, which will be voted on by Members of Parliament. As your constituent, I’m asking that you vote to end all mandates and vaccination passports immediately. It is time to follow medical science instead of political science and do the right thing for the people.Sincerely,NameAddressAsk all members if your family, friends to write a separate email. We are pressed with time. Send your email right away and phone tomorrow morning. Monday is too late! The page with list of MPs has been taken down for the last few hours. I found another link that is working. Please share this far and wide. ?????

Grand Chief Wabiska Mukwa
Per U.N. Single Signature Protocol

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