BananaState of Canada tortures Tamara Lich with10 days of jail for instigating “mischief”!

Mischief is what the Chiefs rather miss. It gives a dictator a handle to silence other voices. The regime has no problem no scruple whatsoever under this gung ho hijacked Davos bought and paid for federal government, on a liberal ticket (!) to apply the good old Canadian club with ice cold calcule, decades of propagating virtue signalling group think trotting sheeple so far trumping all aces of the freedom loving super Canadians in the Convoy – if you are being approved in the court of public opinion like Trudeau still is amongst the majority of Canadians who do not understand that they are the lab rats in an experiment for genetic treatments whose toxic injections quite possibly might equip everybody with a microchip and a new genetic alphabet to now claim that body like a slave – then, you can get away with anything even torturing people which we watched the Canadian regime repeat before this time many of times,

How can the Sheeple look the other way blind to this utter lawlessness in the Canadian governments – I wish it were only the feds!

How is lawlessness OK, when the government is breaking the law?

How do you engineer into sheeples’ conscience the judgement the prejudice, “you got only yourself to blame – why do you go against the government ?”

How can we think of such dictation as acceptable in a democracy? Or do we not even any longer aim for that?

What exactly is the reasoning in those nodding crowds hiding on the couches thinking of themselves as reasonable (!). letting other brains decide what thoughts are in their heads instead of using the eyes creation gave us to form opinion – I mean why would we all HAVE eyes and ears?

The complete paralysis of the courts is another extremely dysfunctional, yet inevitably required element in the controlled demolition of northern American Societies through the pretence of a pandemic of a cold.

It’s not right but Davos wanted it so and looking at the entitlement amongst injection promoters and their outright and openly displayed attitude to be morally superior, Canada in fact does have a big problem with folks who think they’re better than somebody else. I’m talking about the people in the government and backing this government. Those are the real extremists and they have no tolerance for nobody.

The composure, class and Carizzma however emanating from all participants in the Convoy demonstrations as a conscious choice for a way of life is shattering the lies of this oppression like stones in the glasshouse – is this why you all didn’t go? You’re just fond of your hotHouse ? Or afraid of the view once it’s gone?

Canada is in a state of Texas now because if “you’re not with us well then ! screw you.”

What is probably the most missed element looking at those same government supporters is the fact that your rights only make sense if they apply in bad times for people you DON’T like because that’s why we have them so we don’t murder the people whom we don’t like but everybody just do their little thing and leave each other alone – that’s why we have rights!

If we don’t have rights we have only lawlessness, yet right now many courts and cops are completely failing on the job.

This is a desired outcome because if you do not expropriate the current owners you can’t install any new ones.

I’m gonna say this one more time: this country and its riches are being pulled out from under Canadians as it is the best tradition for any of the numerous traitor treasonous crime ministers that came before this one – and it all looks like it’s just gonna be like in the Joni Mitchell song because you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

At least you’re gonna feel morally superior while everybody else is taking what is yours loading up their pockets while you starve, now that is Canada !

And that is was Canada has always been: an oppressive system to exploit the resources.

Decades of engineered mediocrity rewarding do no good bootlickers and jailing and career up ending whistleblowers, ursupating industries and hence controlling and rigging the markets with government subventions cemented in the expectation and the entitlement and gave never known penetrations of back room dealings frivolous expressions.

Canadians need to understand one thing really bad right now and that is that what they’ve got is a cheap third rate copy of what this place is supposed to be –

it’s a slave drivers idea of an economy.

Canadians however are not slaves and watch them smash their chains so powerfully – now that they understand finally what’s been holding them back for the longest time!

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