Canadian monopolies cement in censorship cold war style – taxpayer funded

Bank accounts remain under the random tyranny of the federal government of Canada even so, in the usual PR stunt fashion, drama teacher and crime minister of Canada, Trudeau Junior rescinded emergency powers some 10 days ago.

For people who are asking and many who came to ottawa to demand freedom and take it back for the capital still do:

how did we get here?

One has to understand that Canada is not a free market and there is no competition meanwhile the federal government controls market access and chokes the markets for no reason other than the power and the control that is related to that.

Seeing that Canadian policing HR is perfectly adequate with a tendency to overkill for community oversight and community policing as it is defined in policies, other than the racist and sexist bias and violent incompetency which is rewarded in the services, only not when a black chief of police has to stand for it, it’s astounding that Canadians in their overall majority still obey being herded like sheep into choices they didn’t make.

Looking at the violent, riot gear black uniformed thugs flying in from wherever who beat up and the RCMP horse trampling peaceful protesters in front of the running cameras of the independent media and thank the universe for them, in the most public space and the most sacred space between these three oceans, The parliamentary hill off of Wellington Street, this kind of humiliation and brutality, this empire style resorting to state violence and control mania rivalling the Nixon years if not surpassing them, destroying any social fabric with suspicion and second thought about your neighbour, made the desire for something more appropriate and modern than that ancient colonial oppression so.much.more.palpable, and the crowd grows as the yearning for true freedom becomes the liberation and explodes.

A simple tax boycott would set an end to this tyranny – regime perpetrators must be tried and sentenced, and then the next constitution could possibly leave some space for the minorities to live the way they want to – ringing in true individual freedom which would be a first in North America even so it’s the one place which is actually known for that.

Looking at any market, any industry, regulations favour big players for no reason at all other than the fascist collusion that is between big players and big government.

Best example is the nuclear industry which is a complete burden on energy supply finances to start with a conventional approach, a ticking time bomb in terms of the horrendously vulnerable tailing ponds in North America’s most sensitive habitats and freshwater tables, and it was really just adopted because nuclear fission produces weapon grade plutonium which does not occur in nature. In a place like Canada which constituted itself originally in sustainable settlements and healthy and plentiful, wealthy societies, with Hydro power potential for any high voltage generation desirable in manufacturing to see nuclear energy presented as a sustainable source of energy makes a mockery out of intelligence, and it is certainly the kind of packaging, vaccine injured, mask traumatized generations will have no means of questioning or disguising for the sellout that they are, hardly seen through by many otherwise well educated and experienced professionals.

When it comes to the information market, censorship is being cemented in the northern part of turtle Island and also here we are looking at an oppressive system keeping the market in a chokehold with big players getting their dealings delivered in the back rooms. I invite you to read the following email where sources are clearly stated at the bottom to illustrate this in detail:

Dear Maren,

Last week telecom competition in Canada took two steps in the WRONG direction. Bell just announced that they’re buying EBOX, the largest independent Internet provider in Quebec1, just DAYS after raising their mobile prices to match recent increases from Rogers and Telus.2 Once again, we see that the giant “competitors” we’ve got don’t compete to drive prices down — they join each other in pushing them higher. And there’s nothing we can do about it without the CRTC re-introducing fair wholesale Internet rates and meaningful MVNO competition.3

Too bad current CRTC Chair Ian Scott, who is supposed to be working to make our Internet affordable and accessible, is too busy having beers with personal friend Bell CEO Mirko Birbic to do anything about it. (See more below).

We CANNOT stand by and allow competition crushing companies and Big Telecom sycophants to dictate the cost of connection in Canada. That’s why we just launched a dynamite campaign to get a NEW CRTC chair that will fight for the people of Canada, and not just relax in the cozy pocket of Bell.4 And that’s just the start: we’re also gearing up to call for changes to the Competition Act to block competition busting mergers and buyout like Bell-EBOX and Rogers-Shaw. 

But we cannot make it happen without your support. Ian Scott’s position as head of the CRTC is up for replacement or reappointment very soon, so we need to move FAST and keep the pressure high if we want to ensure he is replaced with someone who will fight for YOU.

Will you help us fight this long-haul fight?One-time DonationBecome a Monthly Ally

Last year it was revealed that CRTC chair Ian Scott is a long-time friend of Bell’s CEO Mirko Bibic, after they were awkwardly photographed taking a private lunch beer together. The meeting happened within days of critical regulatory decisions that could have lowered Internet prices for Canadians, but would have been bad news for Bell. Interestingly in the year after that private lunch, the CRTC changed their mind and decided they had “miscalculated” with the lower rates. Then they announced the CRTC wouldn’t be bothering to re-calculate the rates, instead choosing to simply revert to the extremely high numbers that suited Bell best.5

People are trying to hold Scott to account for this directly, but it has been an uphill fight. Earlier this month, a legal filing was made requesting Ian Scott recuse himself from participating in any matter where he clearly has a conflict of interest. Now the CRTC is saying they won’t even consider the question. They won’t debate whether Scott should have to recuse himself, and they WON’T be hearing from you about what you think on the matter. Instead, Ian Scott has chosen to “decide for himself” if and when his bias (and telecom friendships) are “relevant” on a matter-by-matter basis.6

This is ridiculous, and it needs to STOP.Canadians that Mr. Scott is meant to be serving are still paying some of the highest rates for Internet of any country in the world. And if you’re a Rogers wireless customer, more bad news – your prices are going up YET AGAIN.7,8

We NEED a CRTC chair that will work for YOU. But we cannot do it without sustained support. Canadians lose these fights because once telecom buyouts leave the headlines, corporate lobbyists continue working harder than ever, day after day, month after month, making sure that public officials that would fight for YOU are not appointed. 

We need to be there fighting them the whole way –- and we rely entirely on our monthly allies to support long term fights like these. If you’re not already a monthly ally, will you become a one RIGHT NOW and help sustain the fight to get a new CRTC chair who will work for YOU? Become a Monthly AllyOne-time Donation

2022 is shaping up to be one of the most critical years ever for our digital rights. From new legislation around online harms that could bring us unprecedented Internet censorship, to growing privacy and surveillance concerns, and fighting for more affordable access to basic services, we’ve never had so much to fight in so little time. 

These fights are only possible because people like you have stepped up to become OpenMedia allies. Over 70% of OpenMedia’s funding comes directly from individuals like you – which means we’re able to stay nimble and fight the fights that matter to YOU. 

Thank you for standing with us.

For an affordable and accessible Internet for everyone,

Matt from OpenMedia, 

P.S. Enough is enough. Either Canadians use this moment to finally stop our telecom policy being decided by backroom beers, or we acknowledge that Big Telecom monopolies always win, meaning high prices and slow speeds forever. Support our fight now and help us put citizens in charge.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to donate today!


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