False flags in Ottawa

Dear Maren,

When the Freedom Convoy set course for Ottawa two months ago, our government and the mainstream media seemingly worked in tandem to derail the conversation about the movement.  

First, they downplayed the scale of the protest. Then they smeared it before finally unleashing the full force of the state to violently shut it down. 

The truckers’ demands were simply to drop all the COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates.  

But no one in government was interested in hearing them out or conceding that the pandemic policies enacted over the past two years had anything to do with the growing discontent among the people our politicians allegedly represent.  

Early in the protest, as truckers began to arrive in Ottawa, several incidents involving inappropriate flags took place.  

The first one involved a widely published photo of a mysterious truck parading a Confederate flag near the protest site. Then videos of a masked man carrying a custom Confederate flag surfaced online. And on another occasion, a Nazi flag was seen along the left side of the Château Laurier hotel near Parliament Hill. 

Who were these flag-bearers, and what were they doing there?

Here’s what I found out during my investigation

What's the backstory of the inappropriate signs spotted during
the first days of the Freedom Convoy?

The whole thing is fishy — were these flags purposely staged to discredit the protest?  

That’s precisely how they were used by Prime Minister Trudeau and the mainstream media in their public relations war against this peaceful uprising of freedom-loving Canadians. 

What do you think? Was this a planned operation by the powers-that-be, and was it effective at turning public sentiment against the Freedom Convoy? 

Yours truly, 

Alexa Lavoie 

P.S. You probably saw the violent treatment I received alongside the demonstrators during the police takeover of Ottawa. I was struck with riot batons and even shot point-blank with a tear gas canister. We are suing the Ottawa police for their dangerous conduct — to support our lawsuit, please donate at StandWithAlexa.com.Rebel News Network Ltd.
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