RFK Jr apologizes for Nazi-Germany analogy, publicly and to Sheryl Hines, regretting his wife suffering HW blowback


This is the second part of the interview personally however I think it’s the more interesting part especially after having watched a lot of vaccine interviews in the last two years already…

It’s rare to see interviews produced which combine so many controversial topics and outright taboos surrounding the Kennedys still to this day.

Some is really so painful to watch – environmental royalty like RFK Junior shouldn’t have to suffer in the least from their commitment to integrity and courage – I was born in West Germany and I do not have a hard time seeing the parallelities that this incredibly accomplished civil rights defender has drawn – especially looking at my country of origin and the country where I live today – in both places the unvaccinated are the scapegoat of the hour.

We have no tolerance for other opinions and positions and we tolerate generously the tyranny of our governments – that needs to be called out and I thank Mr. Kennedy for doing that. To be offended is UNAmerican !

to speak the truth freely and without fear is what is American!

really takes 360 research to see it all fall into place. Everybody please listen to what he says about the assassinations of his uncle and his father. None of this charade is complete without a look at the details of that!

This is what surprised me:

How can we substantiate we had a pandemic when the test is fraud and doesn’t tell anything about infectiousness or disease?

We never did any autopsies until later in 2020 – we didn’t cross test for let’s say bacterial pneumonia or any other infections that could possibly cause lung problems and there are many especially looking at more than desolate housing conditions in many overaged and neglected neighbourhoods of Ottawa.

It’s unfortunate and a very lonely recognition, that I can tell that both of these two lawyers are lacking the understanding of molecular test technology, because once it sinks in that PCR tests are fraud it immediately becomes completely questionable if we even had a pandemic at all. On that I can only recommend live again Friday morning 6 EST EST the inquiries by the German corona investigative committee usually conducted and compiled by Dr Reiner Füllmich und Viviane Fischer.


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