Kathaleigh George missing since Sat 1pm

Update: she has been found alive and well.


Contact Ottawa Police at:

1-613-236-1222 extension 2355

With her name Kathaleigh George (this is the exact spelling)

With any information. Last absolute confirmed communication is at parliament hill in Ottawa, Ontario was on Sat April 9th at 1pm.

Possible sighting at Hwy 5 N and also mention of Chelsea.

Update (3pm PST) – nothing has been confirmed and confirmation will come from our family abs we have designated persons to give an update.

We have search groups and will definitely have more people jump on board to help. Our family is anxious, worried and want to physically see that she is safe and found.

Saying I heard from a reliable source she is safe and ok is vague and doesn’t confirm anything and she has not spoken with any of our family as we are a very close family and community in Takla Nation.

Please contact Ottawa Police and speak with missing persons. We are worried for her.

My Aunty is a praying and spiritual woman who is very passionate and committed to rights & freedoms which brought her to Ottawa. Along with bringing awareness & education to Every Child Matters and MMIW and genocide.

We appreciate all that are boots on the ground helping find my Aunty in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal. Please also consider Chelsea and surrounding areas.

She last spoke with our family here in BC on the 9th and she mentioned some concerns.

Thank you to the following for being first to notify and to also be first to be out looking and bringing light to the situation Dacey Chris

And thank you to everyone else who wasted no time and got out there looking. Our family is very appreciative.

And thank you to those who took the time to understand the initial emotions that come with situations like this. For not judging and just helping continue the search regardless of anything.

To Independent journalism for being quick to get this out and to all our social media groups and participants looking as well.

First Nations across Turtle Island support Convoy to Ottawa 2022 Freedom Fighters Canada A Team Ottawa Freedom Convoy 2022

I can’t tag all but know your appreciated and thank you for helping.

At this time police, BC Assembly of First Nations and Carrier Sekani Family Services and staff at MMIW Ottawa have and will continue to help update and be updated.

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