Gatineau police officer seems overwhelmed, incompetent and brutal with mentally challenged appearing suspect on bicycle

Gatineau police officer slams black suspect into house wall

Much of the incompetent violence that an overwhelmed Gatineau police force officer administered on a black man on a bicycle with a bicycle helmet happened before I was able to turn the camera on!

The bicyclist then had still his bike between his legs, while the first police officer was talking down on him with his arm extended, approaching from the left, the southern side of where the cyclist was, with no visible effort to achieve verbal consent while the suspect was protesting and fighting the altercation immediately. To my great shock the officer proceeded to patronize the suspect by touching his arm. The only thing I understood was the bicyclist yelling “ Laisse-moi”, and “laisse mon bicycle”. Later on a supervisor explained to me that the bicyclist was accused of stealing the bike. I pointed out to … Continue reading

How to fail as a journalist

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard alleged domestic abuse case illustrates in a perfect fashion how the for-profit media channels are complicit in the big lies and deceptions of our times.

Instead of reporting on the fact that many G8 nations are in the process of signing away their bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty to the world health organization and the United Nations which would be significant and dramatically significant for every individual in North America for example, the air time and space and platform is wasted on two people who are in a personal dispute and have no power, nor hold public office.

This abandonment of actual reporting is endemic to main stream – where does the reporting fulfill the mandate and obligation to reflect on whether representation lives up to their promises and delivers actual relief?

Where, as an empath, but also trying to do my … Continue reading

Canadian dictatorship fails to act on storm relief

„That’s cause he’s spending too much money chasing unvaxxed people that travel back to Canada. Giving 4 tests when you already took one to travel that day. The cost of people to watch you do the tests, the cost of purolator to send in the test, the cost of the lab to process the test, the cost of someone calling twice to do a wellness check and someone checking your file daily to see if you checked and then perhaps having an OPP officer check to see if you are home. Geez they checked my friends twice which took a minimum of 1 hour each time at 55-60$ per hour. WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TAXPAYERS DOLLARS JT especially when they could be helping out the … Continue reading

Chinadoll at the gates


Chinadoll is heartbroken to face the loss of five of her friends to suicide.

please click here to watch the entire interview

check out freedom loving Canadians dropping their two cents in front of Parliament. In our hearts and minds only? Lonely?

Come by n try on a Saturday night! Live! with the trucker who never left

If you lost friends over a difference of opinion just come here and make new ones. we would love to have you!

Dance! Friends! Love. Chants! Chance and opportunity, … Continue reading

Bill C18 = media control by gov

Dear Maren,

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez recently announced the government’s latest attempt to regulate Canada’s Internet; Bill C-18, the Online News Act.1 There’s a real crisis behind C-18 — the drying up of advertising funding that supported news organizations in the 20th century. But C-18’s solution is a disaster, making news financially INDEBTED to BIG TECH.2

Quality journalism must always be fully independent  but Bill C-18 ‘fixes’ the problem of news funding through a convoluted system that makes news producers increasingly dependent on online platforms and a secret government news approval system, threatening their critical role in holding these powerful bodies accountable.

This is a perfect example of the right impulse, but the wrong execution. We CANNOT allow all news organizations in this country to become shills to Big Tech. We’re about to launch a brand new campaign to fight back against C-18 but we need your support NOW to ensure it gets … Continue reading

Shay Eagle on #tictoc

Looking for a live feed from the big TO #weWillAllBeThere #freedom #rally? Seems Mrs. EagleEye is ready to deliver, on a tight rope walking the line of fire. Please donate and help us cover these xxxtremely misrepresented and misunderstood gatherings defending freedom for all Canadians and Turtle Islanders, thank you, merçi.

Re-Sensitize yourself

From a fb friend

Well, it’s official and it’s been confirmed beyond any doubt in my mind after the past hour of my life. I am NOT like everyone else. Not even close. I AM an empath and anyone claiming I am not clearly doesn’t know the slightest thing about me. I just witnessed someone die or almost die in front of me at the gym. I don’t and won’t know the outcome until later, but for at least a few minutes, he had flatlined and I didn’t think he’d make it.

Like everything else that harms other people or puts them in great danger, it affected me deeply on an emotional and spiritual level I can’t quite explain. It happened literally less than 2 minutes before I got to the gym. I was amped up for a good workout tonight and there was a big crowd around the machine … Continue reading

Freedom advocate Rebecca Shepherd wheeled off in handcuffs and released 15 min later by Ottawa municipal Police.

Abroadcom’s Fringe Majority Reports on

Saturday night around 8 PM several police officers of the Ottawa police services, a municipal police force who arrived in four cars to the scene of the parliamentary hill through the gates on Wellington at Metcalfe Street arrested freedom advocate and organizer Rebecca Sheppard

As she refused to take down the sign with vulgar swearing naming Canada’s current Prime Minister, some of the officers proceeded to remove Mrs. Shepherd from the grounds back to the gate on Wellington, where she was held in the back of a police cruiser only to be set free 15 minutes later after the police drove her around the block.

Many constitutional lawyers and experts would most likely interpret this as a sovereignty violation really an act of war and the actual removal as an abuse of the Ottawa police officers executing the political … Continue reading

Speaker Mic @ The P-Gates Sat/Sun

Photo by A vulnerable and yet determined Brian Derksen shows off a yellow rose that doesn’t want to wilt since Ottawa residents bestowed upon him as a sign of their appreciation and love for his sacrifice!

Ever since he came to Ottawa in January logistics … Continue reading

Veteran Alex Cabana speech

From his fb profile:

Fellow Canadian vet and Brother in arms Alex Cabana speaking from the heart. Uttering words such as love, forgiveness, community and spirituality.

Talking about respect and those who could not return home from wars fought overseas. Talking about respect, gratitude expressed through symbolism such as the war memorial in Ottawa, Canada.

He used words that our political leaders seem to have forgotten. He is not demonising others, he is pointing out that one thing that is so important. Something simple that is love. He seeks that which connects us instead of that which seperates us.

Thank you Alex for getting after it and for showing up. It is not only for Canada, Canadians or Canadian Vets. I feel you are doing this for us all out here in this world.