Freedom advocate Rebecca Shepherd wheeled off in handcuffs and released 15 min later by Ottawa municipal Police.

Abroadcom’s Fringe Majority Reports on

Saturday night around 8 PM several police officers of the Ottawa police services, a municipal police force who arrived in four cars to the scene of the parliamentary hill through the gates on Wellington at Metcalfe Street arrested freedom advocate and organizer Rebecca Sheppard

As she refused to take down the sign with vulgar swearing naming Canada’s current Prime Minister, some of the officers proceeded to remove Mrs. Shepherd from the grounds back to the gate on Wellington, where she was held in the back of a police cruiser only to be set free 15 minutes later after the police drove her around the block.

Many constitutional lawyers and experts would most likely interpret this as a sovereignty violation really an act of war and the actual removal as an abuse of the Ottawa police officers executing the political agenda of the federal dictate

because municipal police forces have no mandate on the hill nor do the parliamentary protective services which are not a police force and also arrived in intimidating numbers and presence.

As the arrest took place on the unceeded Algonquin territory of the sacred grass part of the hill between the buildings,

There are many more issues than only the gross violation of freedom of speech delivered in this arrest and abusive removal.

Question remains who is the big abuser in the back?

Update Mon 9. May

And only now I find out she also has been assaulted ! watch this clip from a different camera:

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