How to fail as a journalist

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard alleged domestic abuse case illustrates in a perfect fashion how the for-profit media channels are complicit in the big lies and deceptions of our times.

Instead of reporting on the fact that many G8 nations are in the process of signing away their bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty to the world health organization and the United Nations which would be significant and dramatically significant for every individual in North America for example, the air time and space and platform is wasted on two people who are in a personal dispute and have no power, nor hold public office.

This abandonment of actual reporting is endemic to main stream – where does the reporting fulfill the mandate and obligation to reflect on whether representation lives up to their promises and delivers actual relief?

Where, as an empath, but also trying to do my job as a journalist, I need to insert this:

With regards to the recent storm in the national capital region, tens of thousands are still without power and no relief has been dispersed, instead and worse: articles on how there is noise complaints about noisy generators are scapegoating the damaged and lost.

The for-profit main stream outlets direct the public’s attention still to a significant part even so every day more and more turn to independent channels – while commercial main stream remains both bodyguards and cheerleaders for the corrupt traitors in government and big business.

Talking about big business: apparently under the scare of Elon Musk’s new communication companies rolling out five times faster satellite communications and maybe it’s even faster than that, the CRTC, which is the Canadian authority overseeing the regulation of communication networks actually threatened to fine big communication networks such as Bell for further delaying the rollout of the most safe technology that there is in communications, fibre.

In a place like Canada with low residential density spread out over a big surface other than the big cities, to equip a country with fibre optic technology represents a significant investment which in fact shouldn’t even be an argument seeing that big communication networks have been the recipient of billions of taxpayer funded subventions over the 20 years during which they all conspired to keep that market-ready technology under wraps and avoid its nationwide rollout, and thus cheating rural Canadians and indigenous communities out of a third Wirtschaftswunder without the middleman.

The cable signal, an optical Signal that therefore catapults exchanges into the lightspeed area, does not produce any radiation or pollution, which makes it the number one best choice for all users. These well-known traits had no influence on the decision making in the CRTC who then as now could have been fining big communication tech in order to facilitate the rollout.

Instead even after two decades of failing their mandate, many Canadians are going to think the CRTC is doing their job because now after these incredible delays that really ruined peoples lives and made it impossible to RELIABLY report independently or work online in rural locations, apparently, the CRTC is moving to fine those communication criminals. Aren’t we living in a really grand country?

watch this video if you haven’t already.

Also, there is a website called

That has the Pfizer research documents that Pfizer wanted to keep hidden for 75 years. There are thousands of pages and they are looking for people with either medical or legal background to read parts of it and summarize what’s in it. Maybe you’re interested?

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