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From a fb friend

Well, it’s official and it’s been confirmed beyond any doubt in my mind after the past hour of my life. I am NOT like everyone else. Not even close. I AM an empath and anyone claiming I am not clearly doesn’t know the slightest thing about me. I just witnessed someone die or almost die in front of me at the gym. I don’t and won’t know the outcome until later, but for at least a few minutes, he had flatlined and I didn’t think he’d make it.

Like everything else that harms other people or puts them in great danger, it affected me deeply on an emotional and spiritual level I can’t quite explain. It happened literally less than 2 minutes before I got to the gym. I was amped up for a good workout tonight and there was a big crowd around the machine I had planned on using first. As I got closer, I could see more people gathering around. A guy I knew just as an acquaintance from the gym was on his back on the ground, having just passed out from an apparent heart attack during a set. The paramedics were still 7 minutes from arriving on the scene. Four people were already administering CPR and the manager had gone to get the D-Fib machine, which are now mandatory in all gyms in the state.

But, he wasn’t responding much. I was standing about 3 meters from his feet, but when I went to look at his face to see if he had any signs of consciousness, it was already blue and purple. I completely lost it and thought there was no way he’d be able to come back. Looking around at the entire crowd of about 50-60 people, I was the only one crying. Death is not something I take very easily, nor is seeing any living being in distress, be it a human being or any other species. I’m a lover of life and take great joy in seeing others do well, but am deeply disturbed when seeing others suffer or struggle.

The paramedics finally arrived and did their thing. They seem to have stabilized him by rolling him on his side, but every time they tried to get him on his back, he would throw up again. It was rough to watch and I have all the respect in the world for EMTs and first responders who do what they do for a living. I know I couldn’t handle it, so kudos to all of those in emergency and trauma care for saving lives that may have otherwise been lost. You are the TRUE heroes!

My first thought (obviously) after seeing this was whether or not he had taken the you-know-what that had been forced down everyone’s throat over the past year with a highly coordinated propaganda campaign. I had never spoken to him at any length about anything meaningful, but he didn’t seem like the type who would have complied. He’s a big guy with a long red beard. I could always sense that he’s one of the good guys, but you never know if he had been coerced into doing so to keep a job. There were murmurs that he had taken too much caffeine before his workout that may have triggered a heart attack, but again, no one will really know until later. I hope they can save his life and he will be fine. He’s only in his 30s.

But, here’s what really struck me as what sets me apart from most other people. After the paramedics had left, 90% of the people in the gym went back to their workouts, as if nothing had happened. I couldn’t even consider the thought. My mind, my soul wouldn’t allow me. My motivation was gone. I was so distraught at what I had just witnessed, there was absolutely no way possible that I could have put it out of my mind and started a workout. And that’s what separates me from most other people. I care about things external to myself and my own well-being in ways that most people would find oddly foreign. I guess it’s a form of extreme selflessness and my history has proven this to be the case over and over throughout my life.

But, I look around my community, my state, my country, and my world and see essentially the same thing with the majority of people. Humanity is dying before our eyes and people selfishly only care about themselves and their own well-being; unconcerned about how others are affected by problems from which we will all suffer eventually, if we don’t cooperatively address them before it’s too late. The sense of entitlement in the face of overwhelming tyranny is astounding. Everything that sustains civilization and society is being attacked and most are just ignoring the blatantly obvious as if it’s not happening at all.

It shocks me every day to see the apathy in so many people. I honestly would have thought the gym would have completely cleared out of every single person who witnessed someone almost DIE in front of them. But, no. I’d say maybe 10 people bailed, unable to continue. For those who weren’t bothered, I don’t know what to say. But, they are the exact same people who fall into the mindless “coincidence theorist” category and would never consider that there’s an evil agenda operating behind the scenes to completely collapse society and enslave humanity.

So many people simply only care about themselves and don’t realize that we are all one. That what affects one of us essentially affects all of us. They don’t realize that what happens to others can and will happen to us, eventually, if we don’t take positive and proactive measures to stop those who are abusing humanity from doing so. Seeing what I saw tonight (and on a daily basis, really), I lose a little more faith in our chances to overcome, but I will not stop trying until I either die or we are all free. I know that the world and everything which sustains us is being attacked by design. I know that millions if not billions will suffer greatly and needlessly in the coming months and years. And it affects me just as greatly as seeing what I just witnessed less than an hour ago. How can so many others still not see it and NOT care?

I will continue my work, even though I am largely ignored and being ignored destroys the motivation I once had when I started what I have nearly 12 years ago. I have sacrificed more than anyone could ever imagine in my life and more than most would ever consider sacrificing for others. And yet, I am called all kinds of derogatory names by people who know nothing about me; who refuse to actually look at what I have proposed and how it would restore all power back to the individual. How implementing my proposed system would allow humanity to begin healing almost instantly.

They are just as self-absorbed as all those who could continue a workout after having witnessed someone nearly die in front of them. These people are all lost souls, but if enough of us focus on building a better alternative than the legacy systems of oppression in which we’re all knowingly or unknowingly ensnared, we might just create a world in which everything would change for the better. They would see the better option and join us in building the new earth. That is my sincere hope and the goal I strive to achieve every day of my life.

In the end, I really hope he makes it…as well as civilized society. But, the latter will be up to all of us to ensure it comes to fruition. There are no heroes coming to save us like the EMTs who showed up to try and save his life. We must take the proper actions to save ourselves and our future from those whom want nothing more than to brutalize and enslave us forever. Can we all begin to care a little more about things external to our own lives? Please…? ?❤️

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