Speaker Mic @ The P-Gates Sat/Sun

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A vulnerable and yet determined Brian Derksen shows off a yellow rose that doesn’t want to wilt since Ottawa residents bestowed upon him as a sign of their appreciation and love for his sacrifice!

Ever since he came to Ottawa in January logistics professional and entrepreneur Brian Derkson has been documenting his research and conclusions about the corruption in the Canadian government and state administrative system which is a for-profit corporation registered in Washington DC, the corporation of Canada.

Over the course of the last three months he accumulated an impressive display of thank you cards drawings notes poems dedications which he also shows off every weekend so everybody can see how happy Ottawans actually are to have an extra parliamentary opposition in the capital, making a stand for everybody’s freedom in the land.

He stated his cause and his reasoning to prosecute the corporations and in his allegations criminal government over-reach in numerous lawsuits on Bank street at Slater but since the bikers came to town, he has moved up to a different location, right in front of the wrought iron gates to the parliamentary hill.

Since he has been listening to a barrage of heartbreaking stories about absolutely unnecessary suffering he decided to hand the microphone over to his frustrated audience, anybody who would like to put their commentary through the microphone

Is invited to do so all the while respecting everybody else’s freedom of being free of harassment in form of vulgar choice of words or swearing.

At this point of this war spanning the third year one has to conclude that everything is undermined, instigators are everywhere and in respect of families and children, we need to keep our air nice and clean.

In our public presentation full well choosing a very significant public space, and we want to acknowledge in humility that the entire hill is situated on never surrendered unceeded Algonquin territory, thank you for your hospitality – we aim to amplify those who have no voice or nearly none as they tell us.

You can bring your own microphone or use ours – we aim to clean and disinfect between speakers using alcohol and oil of oregano a natural germ killer.

Don’t worry about the technical thing we will q u in, we will welcome you and make you feel comfortable –

everybody has the right to speak, and we hope to keep open the conversation between all Turtle Islanders and peoples of Canada, which will be the only way to bring the division to an end – talk to each other!

Please keep in mind that we have all kinds of cost making ourselves available and providing a safe and respectful space to residents and visitors to the capital alike – we would happily accept your cash donation and you can of course also donate per paypal on this website or send email transfers to thetruckerwhoneverleft@gmail.com.

For the outpouring of love and support in favour of keeping the resistance going and reestablishing scientifically sound decision-making in policy in favour of everybody’s bodily autonomy in favour of the Nuremberg code in favour of the sovereignty of the people who actually live here not the corporations banking all the wealth off the place, we want to thank you all very very much !

come see us and bring all your friends and all your enemies!

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