Renfrew Unity Camp gearing up

Good news : the 16 year old granddaughter of the passed on founder of the campgrounds in Renfrew is at home and has been released from the hospital as her injuries were a lot less severe than feared right after her accident on Sunday afternoon. In fact, she suffered no brain damage and only one of her arms is mangled – she has no broken bones.
The atmosphere at unity camp in Renfrew is peaceful, and patriots and freedom lovers continue to pour into camp for the Canada Day festivities, while the news from Ottawa and especially about the intimidating, completely exaggerated police presence is worrisome.

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Snake poison – the real agenda

Medical experts have evidence that weaponized venom is in the C0V1D “virus” and its deadly “vaccines”. Over 50 years ago, the CIA created a silent “heart-attack” gun that shoots a dart filled with snake venom and shellfish poisons… Instantly killing someone without leaving a trace. What sounds like the plot of a spy novel is 100% true… and documented by the US government itself. As you’ll see in my latest interview with Stew Peters, I discussed the probability that weaponized venom is being created in bioweapon labs around the world, to carry out mass envenomation… potentially in some of the 46 bioweapons labs in Ukraine. I also shared the benefits of Dr. Henry Ealy’s 3-day water fast and how he used it to successfully reverse vaxx-related injuries in 8 of his patients… One of whom had serious neurological effects. This protocol also works in combination with taking proteolytic enzymes – protein enzymes that break down … Continue reading

Hugs and tears over loss and injury in Renfrew freedom camp

In a dramatic turn the 16 year old daughter of the oldest son of the camp founders has been severely injured in a car accident earlier this afternoon near her home. At the time of this briefing the family was waiting to hear back if she was going to be airlifted to Ottawa.

Two days before that, the patriarch of the family and camp founder had passed on – that is a lot of loss to carry on top of the steady flow of maimed and injured due to the toxic injections.

Regardless of these very sad occurrences freedom lovers kept streaming to Renfrew and places in camp are filling up. One organizer explained that there are many speakers lined up, live music and fireworks are planned.

As for media coverage a few independent media already present on the site will cooperate in form of sharing content … Continue reading

Fix Bill C11 – 7 daze left

On Tuesday, C-11 was officially ADOPTED by the House of Commons.1 Yesterday we launched an action that’s already FLOODING the inboxes of Senators across the country with calls to do what the House failed to do — FIX C-11.2But the battle is far from over. Today, we need you to chip in $25 or more to help us lay the foundation for an epic defense against C-11, a bill that STILL gives the CRTC unprecedented power to regulate YOUR videos, podcasts, Spotify feeds, Netflix queue, and more. We only have 7 days left. Will you help us?Chip in Now!We have just 7 days left to reach our $70,000 funding goal and we’re only HALFWAY THERE. This funding is CRITICAL to ensure we can fight back against Bill C-11 and more. If we don’t meet this goal, some of our most critical campaigns — including support to the C-11 fight— will NEED to be cut. We … Continue reading

More shortages?

Do you know what DEF fluid is? It’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Every Diesel truck that has been made since 2010 is required to use it. It’s a product made of 67% Urea fertilizer and 33% distilled water. Every diesel truck you see driving down the road today has to have this product to drive. The engines won’t start without it. There are regulators inside the engine that mix DEF with the Diesel to reduce Diesel emissions. That’s the purpose of DEF.
Right now, Russia is the largest exporter of Urea by a wide margin. Qatar is second. Egypt and China are Tied for 3rd. Both Russia and China have decided to no longer export Urea. On top of that, India is the largest manufacturer of Urea in the world even though they consume most of what they make. What little they would export……….they no longer do. They are now stopping the … Continue reading


The trucker who never left Brian Derksen was arrested by Ottawa city police on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at around noon. Police threatened to trash and throw in the garbage his set up and amplification equipment on camera.

According to his own words police released Derksen at around 8 PM of the same day.

Derksen’s lawyer said, the charges of highway obstruction and obstruction of justice appear untenable and frivolous.

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