Fix Bill C11 – 7 daze left

On Tuesday, C-11 was officially ADOPTED by the House of Commons.1 Yesterday we launched an action that’s already FLOODING the inboxes of Senators across the country with calls to do what the House failed to do — FIX C-11.2But the battle is far from over. Today, we need you to chip in $25 or more to help us lay the foundation for an epic defense against C-11, a bill that STILL gives the CRTC unprecedented power to regulate YOUR videos, podcasts, Spotify feeds, Netflix queue, and more. We only have 7 days left. Will you help us?Chip in Now!We have just 7 days left to reach our $70,000 funding goal and we’re only HALFWAY THERE. This funding is CRITICAL to ensure we can fight back against Bill C-11 and more. If we don’t meet this goal, some of our most critical campaigns — including support to the C-11 fight— will NEED to be cut. We need your help NOW. Will you help prevent these cuts from happening?Donate Now!We literally cannot do this without you. C-11 has been fast tracked by a government that seems bent on pushing it through no matter the cost. The only way to stop this is to GO BIG. But going big requires funding that we just don’t have — yet!We know that this has been a hard year, and that donating is out of reach for many people. That’s why, if you can afford to give, we’re asking you to do so now. If Bill C-11 goes uncontested, we could be at the start of a very slippery slope. If you’re able to be part of the fight, please give to ensure that C-11 doesn’t begin our journey to a world where every app and platform are just another government-selected and controlled stream of content. The deadline for this donation drive is just SEVEN DAYS AWAY. And if we don’t meet this goal, key campaigns like this one may need to be cut. Please help ensure that doesn’t happen.Will you chip in to help OpenMedia fight for a safe, free, and accessible Internet?Support the Fight NOW!Thank you for standing with us.Sincerely,Matt and the rest of the team at OpenMediaSourcesVote result: Bill #C11 was adopted at 3rd reading. House of Commons Chamber Twitter.Last chance to fix Bill C-11. OpenMedia.We work to safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet, and toward informed and participatory digital policy. This work depends on the support of people like you. You can add your support by donating here.You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

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