Hugs and tears over loss and injury in Renfrew freedom camp

In a dramatic turn the 16 year old daughter of the oldest son of the camp founders has been severely injured in a car accident earlier this afternoon near her home. At the time of this briefing the family was waiting to hear back if she was going to be airlifted to Ottawa.

Two days before that, the patriarch of the family and camp founder had passed on – that is a lot of loss to carry on top of the steady flow of maimed and injured due to the toxic injections.

Regardless of these very sad occurrences freedom lovers kept streaming to Renfrew and places in camp are filling up. One organizer explained that there are many speakers lined up, live music and fireworks are planned.

As for media coverage a few independent media already present on the site will cooperate in form of sharing content and coordinating coverage for the time of the events around Canada Day.

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