Jan 6th show trial 2.0

You’re only getting one side of the story. It’s political theatre. Since you are so thirsty for knowledge and dispise ignorance here is a video for you. WATCH THE WHOLE THING. It isn’t long. You can find lots of videos like this on Rumble. Greg Kelly has covered the January 6th protests and he shows and tells you things you won’t see on CNN or in the hearings. You are being lied to. 


The truth is out there but you have to go find it. CNN isn’t going to give it to you.

Trudeau is a far greater threat to freedom than Trump. I recommend you ignore this nonsense and focus on defending your freedoms in Canada ! the next battle is food security! maybe you wanna think about volunteering on a farm ! they sure can’t find any workers because Trudeau is paying the money for doing nothing at home and cost is more than double!


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