Capital Counter Narrative

The counter narrative in the capital of the For-Profit- Corporation of Canada remains an uphill battle.

After one on one consultations with prominent reporters of the diplomatically called legacy media on site, independent reporters as in observed and experienced over and over again the complete failure and abandonment to even research and report in an analytical way, for example determine what legalities frame the conflict, a previously headline determining and priority occupation for reporters!

No reporter be it from CTV, TVA, Global, numerous reporters from the CBC, Politico, TrueNorth, Rebel News, the Ottawa Sun, LaPresse and the Ottawa Citizen, I ever saw publish ANYTHING remotely resembling the product and or conclusion of a verification whether or not there was a valid and official eviction notice – even so CTV had a lawyer in one of their clips explaining that the deadline to the eviction could have NOT possibly had … Continue reading


this is a listing compiled by a member of one of my freedom groups in social media and I want to dedicate this to everybody who thinks their government would never do such a thing. The disturbing fact is that they’re doing that all the time! The only thing different now is that the violence of the state, look it up in the dictionary that is the definition of terrorism, is now directed against white people as well – that’s the only thing that is new here!

U.S. Government’s Secret Experiments on Its Citizens

(1931) Cancer: The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations infected human subjects with cancer cells. Dr. Cornelius Rhoads established the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama and began a series of radiation exposure experiments on patients in government and civilian hospitals.

(1932) Syphilis: In the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, two hundred black men diagnosed … Continue reading

Scientific substantiation – still hard to beat!

Update 8th Aug 2022: would love to have the usual suspects record a video response to these questions. Many of them have been answered – scandalously our worst fears are coming true as there is in fact a lot of DNA reverse copied from the artificial, injected mRNA. That means yes it can be passed onto the next generation.

Once you understand the PCR test doesn’t work, everything after that is just a side battlefield.

What do you think is the conflict of interest gain for the whistleblower to lay open his entire professional career shaping and then beknealing everybody on camera to stop this mass vaccination right now – do you think he’s invested in HCQ or Ivrmctn?

If he is in … Continue reading

Patriots have „very limited resources resources“! really wondering how they are substantiating those percentages but I haven’t watched it till the end. Note the first thing he says about Patriots, there in comprised the independent media like myself, I have to say my situation is accurately described by this presentation – “they have very limited resources”!