Capital Counter Narrative

The counter narrative in the capital of the For-Profit- Corporation of Canada remains an uphill battle.

After one on one consultations with prominent reporters of the diplomatically called legacy media on site, independent reporters as in observed and experienced over and over again the complete failure and abandonment to even research and report in an analytical way, for example determine what legalities frame the conflict, a previously headline determining and priority occupation for reporters!

No reporter be it from CTV, TVA, Global, numerous reporters from the CBC, Politico, TrueNorth, Rebel News, the Ottawa Sun, LaPresse and the Ottawa Citizen, I ever saw publish ANYTHING remotely resembling the product and or conclusion of a verification whether or not there was a valid and official eviction notice – even so CTV had a lawyer in one of their clips explaining that the deadline to the eviction could have NOT possibly had expired when the bailiff took action on Wednesday, 17th of August, and trespassed, bullied, threatened property damage, theft and forging legal documents while my camera was running – In case you noticed, that part in the clip is mumbled, the sound is absolutely substandard – is it because we’re not supposed to understand that?!

let’s be clear about it:

To take for gold what one side is signalling without verification is a failure of journalism, that is talking about the people doing the legwork – the folks making the titles and compiling the articles in the news rooms however have a higher degree of guilt in propelling lies that still cost their fellow Canadians their lives and livelihoods. It is their karma and conscience that instead will deal with the consequences of being gas to the flames instead of cooling the aggressive atmosphere with some very obvious facts, a desired outcome by our long-standing colonial oppression.

It is them and senior anchors with pretty faces but no apparent cortex spreading lies as in this absolutely shameful propaganda-slinger of a boots-on-the-ground-how-to-completely-waste-air-time-and-reporting-resources of a video clip:

In actual fact the organization had pronounced numerous notices of trespass to one extremely aggressive reporter with a tendency to instigate people – also against that individual there is a criminal investigation active – content aggregator CTV shows itself not too low to completely spin this harassment by one single individual breaking all kinds of code in front of all other reporters, including Jeremy from same TV station.

I personally initiated invitations because member of the board of directors William Komar wanted legacy media on site, and while I was embedded and researching the context showed himself absolutely transparent and welcoming to all media.

Or is there no journalism anymore other than in the wonderful independent channels such as “war campaign” ( covering the events, and I say events because I have reason to believe the whole number is orchestrated, very obviously with bought and paid for instigators, very similarly as seen earlier in the capital in April and at the end of January and throughout February –

and for the same COLONIAL reasons:

because there is some powerful interest on the property or area.

Many in the Irish/Indigenous rooted community volunteering in the community project made it clear to me in numerous evening conversations while I received hospice of from the united people of Canada, that the likely reason behind all this commotion and instigation on Saint Patrick Street at Cumberland is due to the fact that probably the city of Ottawa is trying to buy the property itself.

That would also illustrate why Mayor Jim Watson is grotesquely abusing his office expressing his personal opinions about people he doesn’t even know, one has to wonder, to disavow (?) Tupoc’s offer to buy –

And to not appear in person at the site of this dispute, after the Franco Catholic high priest administration of the church showed itself notorious for locking out the Anglo-Irish congregation of the Lowertown when the heritage limestone building was still consecrated, reveals the degree of incompetency, entitlement, disconnectedness and inhumane arrogance in our municipal administration. Or does it reveal the blatant conflict of interest?

The reader should decide that not the reporter for the reader!

Now that the court hearing on the civil dispute is set for the 2nd of September as was specified in the landlord’s affidavit – it should be clear to every observer that official eviction processes have just been commenced.

Let me insert here that an affidavit is just a viewpoint, the description of one party in the law suit, in the legal conflict and procedure – what that very party feels happened and what should be the outcome of the legal understanding – it is not a court judgement!

Mackenzie Gray on Twitter

Tupoc protested that affidavit for a different reason and alleges perjury:

At this point abroadcom has no understanding about whether or not either party is in violation of the prior sales agreement. William Komer from the Board of Directors however did show me the bank draft documenting that in fact the August payment was taken out of the tenants account by the bank.

Additionally of course there is also a criminal investigation into the very questionable behaviour and offences by executors of a private bailiff service company and a few violent individuals opposing the community project Tupoc. All their volunteers on cam or even being the victim of assault showed selfless effort aiming to document these offences, shield victims and at the same time protect the identity of the apparent perpetrator who also threatened more assault and uttered death threats.

Conclusively: what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty ? Volunteers at Tupoc showed exemplary self policing and self oversight while being vilified for no apparent reason by anybody appearing at the outside of the project, taunting and mocking volunteers from the public park on the north side of Saint Patrick street, with municipal officers of the peace more or less present but inactive at the vicinity at that moment.

And therein lies potentially the biggest story looking at the old church Saint Brigid’s these days, what kind of judiciary is it when due to a civil dispute a private property de jure and de facto turns into a lawless space because many OPS officers do not appear to feel authorized to police the property either way.

And how come, a frothing at the mouth crowd should show up to revel at somebody else’s misery getting evicted out of a place that is really their land and their home and where they do what they love and what they are good at?

That is the most UNCANADIAN thing I have ever seen people in this land do. At least professional media should question their motives!

I’d like to ask everybody with a quick opinion: who exactly are the counter protesters?

Who are these folks driving right up to the parking lot behind the church in fine clothing and expensive cars, as if it was there’s already?

Who exactly is dog boy?

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