Scientific substantiation – still hard to beat!

Update 8th Aug 2022: would love to have the usual suspects record a video response to these questions. Many of them have been answered – scandalously our worst fears are coming true as there is in fact a lot of DNA reverse copied from the artificial, injected mRNA. That means yes it can be passed onto the next generation.

Once you understand the PCR test doesn’t work, everything after that is just a side battlefield.

What do you think is the conflict of interest gain for the whistleblower to lay open his entire professional career shaping and then beknealing everybody on camera to stop this mass vaccination right now – do you think he’s invested in HCQ or Ivrmctn?

If he is in a conflict of interest and, at least to the shareholder losing sales and investment, his pleading were rather damaging to his own involvement that The host of the show on clearly laid out A few minutes Earlier on that same show – wouldn’t that be integrity, rather, instead of conflict of interest?

– wouldn’t that be rather like VW crying foul on their own fraudulent diesel rankings Instead of Dr Rainer Füllmich suing them over years?

What is it that the health Canada PCR test guidelines prescribe?

What is it that the CDC guidelines for PCR test prescribe – what does the world health organization say?

And what is mandatory as a test procedure in Germany and France?

Are the rotations fixed?

What kind of rotation number do you find appropriate considering your research on test methods?

Which proteins does the test screen? Spike proteins? antigens? antibodies?

What’s the difference?

Are those all the proteins that the virus needs to become a disease?

Are those all the proteins that the virus needs to make a person infectious?

At this point in time do you therefore feel we, we have a pandemic ? do we have to worry about the new variants?

Is it just me or isn’t it perfectly normal that primitive organisms such as virii and bacteria mutate all the time?

To your level of knowledge and briefing, can one exclude 100% that proteins showing up in the screening belongs to the person tested?

Do you find it desirable or rather counterproductive in a tragic way that the creation of huge vaccination centres basically circumvents the medical input of our general practitioners in their existing clinics?

How do you feel about thousands of fired tourism workers in British Columbia getting hired into staff at vaccination centres?

how should we test people for COVID-19 and what should we do about the new variants?

A few more questions

Seeing that the new experimental treatment injects messenger RNA into humans

how long is it going to be prevalent, in the tissue, how long does it take to get in the blood stream ? Does it get in the brain? how does the replication take place and where? In the ribosomes yes but in every tissue? In every cell?

Seeing that the injected material is genetic, can it be given to the next generation?

Any data on that?

What does messenger RNA usually do and how long does it last from the moment it’s synthesized (and that happens in the nucleus?)

Are there cases of reverse engineering where the artificial messenger RNA gets a permanent copy by forming DNA and storing that in the nucleus? – I think I heard an Austrian biologist quote a study where that did happen in 0.02% of the cases.

Do you think it’s accurate to conclude that extremely virulent virii originated in animals and jumped hosts?

To me that looks like a strategy to distract from two decades of gain of function research at the direction of the CDC and many US and Chinese research institutes…?

What kind of imagery does the phrase “this virus came from an animal and jumped to humans” evoke?

Doesn’t it make the yuppie white urbanite keep looking down on people who still congregate and distribute in our original ways like we all used to?

Let’s look at how we really form immunity and immunity is mostly the innate natural humeral unspecific immuno response, the warriors of invader removal

Do you feel it’s appropriate to say, that narrative provides the construct to tune up public opinion in favour of closing small open air neighbourhood markets in favour of big corporate production centres?

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