#insidestbrigids #neverDeployed veteran « Clayton Goodwin, “CEO” of the so-called “Veterans Accountability Commission », is rallying more protesters to demonstrate opposition to #Tupoc #TheUnitedPeopleofCanada

even so it is only today that the court hears this civil, perfectly common appearing landlord and tenant dispute for the first time.

This very troublesome, previously well frequented nightly display of inexplicable (believe you me I came in person and tried to understand) aversion, gas lighting, statements of outright falsehoods and lies qualifying for defamation and slander, mocking and taunting #tupoc members, harassment bordering vulgar swearing and insulting, up to daytime assault attacks on the most vulnerable volunteers at the church and theft of property by somebody wearing a face concealing dog mask while committing 3 of these these offences and then speeding away athletically, has no place in a free an equal society, and is shocking ordinary Canadians every time they bother and appear in person to actually find out what is happening in their neighbourhood.

No guilt by association, understood but please, civil Ottawa, please B there TONIGHT to SHOW THE WORLD HOW




Once you harass people with your words because you don’t respect that vulgarisms do not belong in public nor on the air which is pretty much the same really

That precious thing is gone already

What happens on the street is a function of what is listened to on the air

And one more thing:

Terrorism always originates in the government ! The people don’t want to fight the people !

the people want to listen to music and have a good time !

The government needs to make the people fight the people to rule!

we don’t have rights for good times !

we have rights for bad times !

when our governments go crazy !

because OUR RIGHTS that is where their power stops.

because otherwise governments never stop acquiring

more power

that is their purpose!

To be in denial about that is too excuse crime and to be an accomplice to the offence!

Here is some #actuallydeployed #Canadian veterans who can give you some context and background on where these very dubious « actors » in the park actually are coming from. Please tune in!

« (…) old tricks again – tearing down all the good people to avoid the hard work of building himself up to their level.

V4F Ops Sgt-Maj, Jeff Evely, hosts a panel of V4F members and podcast contributors to discuss the deteriorating situation on the ground, in Ottawa, as Goodwin rallies the local bad actors to harass anyone he can (even tenuously) link to Freedom Convoy 2022.

Special Guests:
Saxon Murray – V4F Member
James Fermosa (MPhil) – V4F Ottawa Correspondent
Lou-Anne Pelletier – V4F Chief Clerk
Chris Dacey – V4F Podcast Contributor »


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