Abroadcom’s perspectives for the commission probing the PM’s invocation of the emergency measures act (de facto declaring martial law)

Today Halloween 31 October is the last day to submit written statements to the inquiry commission. Yesterday I understood however that the consultations with witnesses during and leading up to the events in Ottawa throughout January and February will continue for many more weeks – here is my point of view:

Good day,

I have only one question for the commission, and that is: when are you going to ask all the members of the police forces, when they are going to arrest our criminal government?

I’ve been an independent journalist for pretty much all of my 25 years spanning career, and I am operating  an independent website @ abroadcom.net since 2009 –

The only thing that is new in the recent crimes by Canadian government is that the violence and obliteration of rights now extends out to the white folks.

I’ve been watching this brutal and inhumane circus that you call a … Continue reading

No toxic injections 4 our kids!

This past week, 15 of Big Pharma’s indentured servants — so-called “independent” advisors to the CDC — gave Pfizer and Moderna license to maim and kill millions more innocent children.

They did it by voting to add a dangerous, ineffective, experimental medical product to the most lucrative Pharma gravy train of all: the childhood immunization schedule.

This is an act of child abuse on a massive scale. Our only hope of stopping it is to mount an even more massive response. 

We have just 9 more days to reach our goal of $2 million to take advantage of a generous matching gift offer.

Will you donate today to stop this reckless attack on our children’s health?

This latest action is final proof of … Continue reading

Spike but no nucleo-capsid protein in the autopsy? Death by mRNA injection!

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi

‼️WIDERSTAND: Es ist an uns, das Spiel zu ändern, indem wir den zugespielten Ball nutzen – lasst DIES nicht umsonst sein‼️

” Das Wunder ist geschehen. Wir sind erleichtert und überglücklich, “

kommentieren Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi und Dr. Karina Reis die bahnbrechende Entdeckung, die Dr. Michael Mörz gemacht hat. Es besteht keine Möglichkeit mehr, den Tod nach Impfung einer Infektion zuzuschreiben!

Sowohl eine Erkrankung durch SarsCov-2 als auch Covid-Injektionen verursachen Spike-Protein im Körper. Doch entsteht im Falle einer natürlichen Infektion auch das sogenannte Nukleokapsid-Protein. Bei einem 76-jährigen Verstorbenen konnte im Herz, im Gehirn und in den Endothelzellen (Zellen, welche die kleinen Blutgefäße auskleiden) das Spike-Protein, jedoch kein Nukleokapsid-Protein nachgewiesen werden. So steht die „Impfung“ als Ursache für die toxischen Proteine fest.

Die Autopsie an dem 76-jährigen Mann zeigte unter Anderem nekrotisierende Enzephalitis und Myokarditis – die bekannten „Klassiker“ nach der gen-basierten Injektion … Continue reading

#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

Check out Session 125: An Inconvenient Truth https://www.twitch.tv/coronainvestigative


Look at this mess!

Look at the timing!

Number one observation: this is the worst possible time to take such a conflict into the public, instead of Füllmich accepting the apparently week- and months-long requests for print outs and security documentation for tax purposes from the rest of the founders of the original investigative corona committee, where now, instead of internal navel gazing over insanely small amounts of $$, it would be much more important to present firsthand experiences illustrating insights on geopolitical rigging and camera worthy manipulations Kissinger-style that we know all too well,

Work amazing propagandist wonders to bring peoples into war!!!

Now the investigators are getting caught in the same mechanisms and mannerisms that leave our oppressors in the back laughing every time!

Good thing the master of law had such insiders on six months ago or … Continue reading

WWIII – pre-emptive nuke strike would find weak US response

Update : in the process of researching the ins and outs of the competing gas pipeline! Nobody ever mentioned a word of it did they!

a project that finds the laughing third, Poland in control of the infrastructure!

In the meantime, listen to the orchestrated and methodical undermination of the North American lifestyle, administration and military, that has been chomping away at the bits for decades here summarized

Half a year old but just ahead of everybody else, still. credible sources.

are you really prepping for a post-nuclear North America? ??


because it is inconceivable to have old white men in charge of deciding bout pressing the button, much less running this place.

or is it coz there is ”somebody” ”in charge”, and so u and I assume we are not and don’t have to be?

Some background on Ukraine:

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Völkermord in Kanada mit der Spritze / genocide in Canada with syringes – do not comply!

Thank you very much to

Free Youth Media Here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCCaAzSY5bLHLMSsx1mPstSQ
FOI-Health Authority Eamails Prove (Bonnie Henry) Knew 1.4 Years Ago Terrible Things Were Happening From C19 ‘Vaccines’
N.I.H. COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
Russell L. Blaylock https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/
Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs – PubMed https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35436552/
Immune-mediated hepatitis with the Moderna vaccine, no longer a coincidence but confirmed
Myocarditis-induced Sudden Death after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination in Korea: Case Report Focusing on Histopathological Findings
#Experimental #WeAreTheTrial
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 BNT162b2 Vaccine Effectiveness Study – Kaiser Permanente Southern California
Actual Study Start Date :
May 15, 2021
Estimated Primary Completion Date :
March 31, 2023
Estimated Study Completion Date :
March 31, 2023
Trust The $cience
Pfizer vaccine data. Of particular interest is page 30. There Are 9 Pages Of Adverse Events Medical Conditions Excpected That People Can Get From The “Vaccines” For “Covid-19”
FULL Report: https://phmpt.org/pfizers-documents/
Court ordered Pfizer docs show Pfizer paying the FDA over $2.8 … Continue reading

Füllmich founds ICIC


www.bitchute.com/video/QeLAWQBYSgOc/ in Interviews erklärt der deutsche und kalifornische Anwalt dass er kein Interesse mehr daran hat in das ursprüngliche Coronakomitee zurückzukehren

Very classy commentary, except for why the public attacks on Fischer’s outfit, mental capabilities and publishing financing though? Pls check this update:

#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

The German lawyer is also a member of the California bar Association – this is a very sad turn for this in fact unique independent investigative body the only one that the whole wide world has been having for a while possibly –

Dr. Reiner Füllmich is still waiting for the facts to roll in and until then his only regret is that it had to be this way and there was no chance to have a joint statement in front … Continue reading

CIA most likely bombs 2 natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany and JB grins like a Honigkuchenpferd.


#LauraIngraham presents an interesting angle! #TuckerCarlson is pretty congruent, too, and has an interesting exchange with #GlennGreenwald:


Let‘s start at the top :


Hier ist was mir durch den Kopf ging als ich zuerst von diesem Akt von internationalen Terrorismus hörte.

??? beide Gas Pipelines explodiert ? und alles was passiert, ist dass Biden sich hinstellt und verkündet, dass er allen versichern kann, dass die Vereinigten Staaten immer ein Mittel finden werden, während unser Kanzler und Verteidigungsminister sich im A kriechen nicht überbieten können und, eifrig die « Einigkeit » vorschiebend (nun ausgerechnet), den menschenverachtenden Militarismus eines spät-gerontologischen, im Auslandsamtsrausch trunkenen Energy-und Pharma-Faschisten ABNICKEN – dann diese sehr brillante Journalistin –


Unausgesprochen ist das ja die Frage nach der deutschen Souveränität – um dann diesen eitlen Hampelmann mit in tödlichem Stolz und krankhafter Egomanie genau darüber walzen zusehen … Continue reading