Abroadcom’s perspectives for the commission probing the PM’s invocation of the emergency measures act (de facto declaring martial law)

Today Halloween 31 October is the last day to submit written statements to the inquiry commission. Yesterday I understood however that the consultations with witnesses during and leading up to the events in Ottawa throughout January and February will continue for many more weeks – here is my point of view:

Good day,

I have only one question for the commission, and that is: when are you going to ask all the members of the police forces, when they are going to arrest our criminal government?

I’ve been an independent journalist for pretty much all of my 25 years spanning career, and I am operating  an independent website @ abroadcom.net since 2009 –

The only thing that is new in the recent crimes by Canadian government is that the violence and obliteration of rights now extends out to the white folks.

I’ve been watching this brutal and inhumane circus that you call a for-profit corporation for way too long – 

How am I financing that depressing and ungrateful, most tedious, demanding and responsible of occupation ? Right now I’m going through my second inheritance ! I’m happy to document my independence by sending in all of my monthly statements since I started having bank accounts in Canada.

That would be unheard of in the history of Canadian commissions but there’s a first time for everything, to say it with Roger Miller, ouhmmmmmh my ears still ring.

All of that pain and the lonely place that is relying on principle and logic seems well worth the effort looking at standing on the right side of history and involving myself in just a little bit of giving back to Canadians for the sacrifice of their precious ancestors I received.

Je me souviens

Et maintenant je me souveraine!

When I heard of the convoys headed to the capital  in January I had just completed building out a minivan so I could sleep and work in it to produce radio and video material.

Even so I was very improvised I managed to embed into the Convoy section on Kent Street where I slept for nine days in my minivan, interviewing convoy members and visitors all day long and sometimes all night long – when I was running low on fuel members of the Convoy and self-made reporters offered me gas so I wouldn’t be cold at night and fuelled up my van. None of them accepted any cash even so I offered and I did have cash on me.

In the nine days everything I needed was given to me. For the ice cold Valentine’s Day, the frozen 14th of February, I remember somebody had put a big bowl with cream filled chocolate eggs on the hood of some personal vehicle. Hardly anybody even took any!

There was no hour of the night or the day in the downtown area where there wasn’t two or three or four guys standing guard the whole night in different shifts, many teams of two or three people walking the blocks regularly – I have never felt safer in the downtown Ottawa core.

In my section on Kent Street I observed how every day a few people made sure that there was always a middle lane open and unblocked for emergency vehicles.

When the city of Ottawa made it illegal to honk with air Powered horns, I watched the honking drop from one day to the next!

Every day I witnessed how the Convoy would do everything to comply and be the least nuisance to the residents of Ottawa but be calling out their criminal government and demanding a consultation with the Prime Minister.

Every morning two or three of the same people would serve their improvised breakfasts and hot beverages with a big smile and singing songs such as Elvis Presley’s “only you” and the WWII hit “tomorrow belongs to us”, and when I approached, interested at the quality of his performance, he told me he was a singer! even so The kitchen infrastructure was in a tent like structure and it was the thick of winter –

One night early on I remember being on foot on Bank Street where I also slept one night in my van before I moved onto Kent Street, I got talking with what appeared to be an extremely inebriated resident of Ottawa. As he explained to me he had come down from his 12th floor apartment to find out firsthand what brought all these people into the capital.  We had the greatest conversations with a few truckers but I didn’t think it was safe for him and insisted to walk him home it was around midnight at that point – it was just a moment I didn’t pay attention to him and of course he slipped and even fell on the back of his head – I would’ve wanted to avoid that yet he seemed  unaffected and rather surprised by how in a split second we were surrounded by at least 6 to 8 young gentlemen who handed us back his bundle of keys, his gloves, I think even his wallet that he lost while falling, lifted him up, got him off the ground, out of the snow, made sure he was standing all right, made sure he was ready to walk home, didn’t need an ambulance – The most beautiful sight when young men know their place and they sure did that by the way like many other young Canadians long before the Convoy had shown me again and again.

After that amazingly empowering, unusual ending to a very usual situation in the winter of Canada we finally arrived at his apartment building where I left that still extremely drunken gentlemen, Watching him enter the building.

Every day and every night at the Convoy was like that as ordinary Canadians were picking it up for each other like they have always done throughout the centuries – and my approach was always the same – I would introduce myself with my full name, mention my website and my intention to report truthfully from the inside of the Convoy seeing they were getting a bad rap and completely misrepresented in the for-profit and public broadcasters – not one person rejected me, judged, avoided, berated me – everybody not only tolerated me, but after a while invited me to their management meetings and almost everybody wanted to talk to me – they wanted to get their point of view out in the world – they were grateful to have independent media there and they also felt that in the legacy media they did not have a voice!

And for the most part I observed ordinary Canadians from all walks of life who don’t need a dictator government telling them how to micromanage their lives and their every aspect of their personal lives and as it turns out with no scientific legitimization whatsoever.

One night a sniper came down from the surrounding roofs and shook our hands and thanked us that we were standing up for freedom!

But I also observed what me and other people standing guard with me through the night couldn’t but had to interpret as being paid instigation by the government in favour of the narrative that members of the Convoy have a questionable lifestyle and they are making the city unsafe, when it was so obvious for any visitor just spending a few minutes on Wellington, Parliament Hill or the downtown area that it was the blatant opposite.

If you’d like to get an idea what impressions I was absolutely blessed and fortunate to be able to gather record and produce, I invite you to my highly censored independent outlets on odysee and rumble, my handle there is AuToneAuMe, where you will not be surprised to find the same stories all over again : Canadians have never been more united across the land from coast to coast to coast than during that Convoy in the capital.

If you find it interesting how I personally was affected by the completely illegitimate government overreach of the Trudeau administration I have this passage for you:

On Thursday, February 17 th, I had left my spot on Kent Street to rather not risk a mobile transmission with the government of Canada interrupting my communications with Germany scheduled for Friday, February 18th, but established a wired connection nearby, to report on the convoy and its members live with two German lawyers from the corona investigative committee, Dr. Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer

This is a transcript recording of that live slot:


Basically I should’ve had this entire segment on the show a week earlier but even so I had great cell phone reception in the downtown core I was absolutely unable to receive one single email while parked in the Convoy – 

The Canadian government interfered successfully with my reporting from the convoy and sabotaged my operation by shutting down communications in the red zone as it was called later on.

I hope you are going to be able to take your witnessing and chronicling of these events as a warning what happens when  Secret and intelligence services spy on their own citizens without having any reason nor authorization, any suspicion, without any prior criminal history, nothing, clean slates – it’s the same old story! 

if you have a lot of police, you will have a lot of crime. And if you are still pretending you don’t know what that means I would like to direct your attention to Ferguson, Missouri, USA, after you’re done here .

And also may I ask the honourable  Commission where do you think all these police officers should go after we legalized oh excuse me ursupated the cannabis market ? we, the for-profit corporation of Canada?

Many of them are policing our health now, making them an accessory and an accomplice to this recent genocide.

If you are watching the recording you’re gonna notice that everybody wants to find out if there is a standoff when really it’s a lot more interesting to look at what uniforms these beatup troops actually wore.

Looking at the crimes of this administration and the other administrations it’s plain to see the goal is to retraumatize every new generation again so they will constitute a very weak opposition to this systematic destruction and fully intended up-ending of generational potential.

as you notice I did not deny nor confirm that there was a stand off on Wellington Street at the time of my reporting because when I’m not there eye-witnessing things I cannot any longer assume that the images I see on somebody’s screen are actually truthful and accurately depicting the situation and not manipulated or manufactured – even so I tried to connect with people pursuing my occupation nothing reliable came about, mostly due to lack of resources – mind you, today we know that it was pretty much enforcement inflicting violence and provocations and instigation on Convoy members and that the RCMP trampled Indigenous Canadian elders with their horses  –

That is outrageous and must be prosecuted but really nothing new to Canadians who see their oppression for what it is, a dinosaur  resource administration that is no longer necessary for anything as Canadians have proven and shown in the dead of winter how well-behaved they are how well organized they are and that they share but the last shirt on their back if somebody needs it.

Now here we have the real danger that the convoy and the freedom movements today pose to the corporation of Canada:

By our resourcefulness, organization, commitment to each other and enormous resources we are showing Canadians how they do not need the corporation of Canada and how they are better off without it.

The age old oppression set up can only survive when keeping and continually orchestrating a patronizing abusive over controlling limbo with the peoples of Canada treating them like children who cannot make any reasonable decisions on their own, when we are trying to continue to make our own decisions, our private lifestyle decisions, without the corporation who, according to many sovereignty advocates and constitutional lawyers, never constituted and who has no legitimization nor authority to represent the will of Canadians and indigenous peoples with or non-treaty – 

oh and for your information there’s at least five other political prisoners still in incarceration for no reason at all – 

When will you set these innocent people free?

My take away is clear: the government of Canada is a criminal mafia organization and the convoy of 2022 was a liberation movement and in fact liberated the city of Ottawa for a short very sweet while, and en passant, most merchants and commerces in the downtown area were absolutely pleased with the business influx due to the Convoy in a time which otherwise would’ve been the reason for bankruptcies!

Like my solidarity goes out to the north American veterans dying for freedom in Germany so I could grow up free in West Germany in the 70s, I feel very similar gratitude towards the convoy.


Because without de facto freedom from government oppression, all is nothing.

Best regards

Maren Molthan

613 604 5945

Your favourite enemy at


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