#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

Check out Session 125: An Inconvenient Truth https://www.twitch.tv/coronainvestigative


Look at this mess!

Look at the timing!

Number one observation: this is the worst possible time to take such a conflict into the public, instead of Füllmich accepting the apparently week- and months-long requests for print outs and security documentation for tax purposes from the rest of the founders of the original investigative corona committee, where now, instead of internal navel gazing over insanely small amounts of $$, it would be much more important to present firsthand experiences illustrating insights on geopolitical rigging and camera worthy manipulations Kissinger-style that we know all too well,

Work amazing propagandist wonders to bring peoples into war!!!

Now the investigators are getting caught in the same mechanisms and mannerisms that leave our oppressors in the back laughing every time!

Good thing the master of law had such insiders on six months ago or … Continue reading