Füllmich founds ICIC


www.bitchute.com/video/QeLAWQBYSgOc/ in Interviews erklärt der deutsche und kalifornische Anwalt dass er kein Interesse mehr daran hat in das ursprüngliche Coronakomitee zurückzukehren

Very classy commentary, except for why the public attacks on Fischer’s outfit, mental capabilities and publishing financing though? Pls check this update:

#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

#Füllmich evaded? request for documentation of finances for weeks

The German lawyer is also a member of the California bar Association – this is a very sad turn for this in fact unique independent investigative body the only one that the whole wide world has been having for a while possibly –

Dr. Reiner Füllmich is still waiting for the facts to roll in and until then his only regret is that it had to be this way and there was no chance to have a joint statement in front of the cameras.

you cannot not like him …

Let’s take this one step further and say it’s a set up!

Typically Mrs. Fischer is then also a victim in this plot and may have been duped into believing there have been financial irregularities in times of digital 24 seven surveillance and chip control of every aspect of our lives that would be a very feasible undertaking


abroadcom.net is absolutely welcoming the foundation of the new international committee to investigate international crimes ICIC. For some reason that seems to be very difficult to explain to Europeans, I’m sure that North Americans will make very good use of the tribunal …

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