WWIII – pre-emptive nuke strike would find weak US response

Update : in the process of researching the ins and outs of the competing gas pipeline! Nobody ever mentioned a word of it did they!

a project that finds the laughing third, Poland in control of the infrastructure!

In the meantime, listen to the orchestrated and methodical undermination of the North American lifestyle, administration and military, that has been chomping away at the bits for decades here summarized

Half a year old but just ahead of everybody else, still. credible sources.

are you really prepping for a post-nuclear North America? ??


because it is inconceivable to have old white men in charge of deciding bout pressing the button, much less running this place.

or is it coz there is ”somebody” ”in charge”, and so u and I assume we are not and don’t have to be?

Some background on Ukraine:


Ukraine  glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”

Finally, here is an ex-US military service member who blew the whistle while looking for weapons of mass destruction in Irak. Great insights, but in fact, he is ”swinging” a bit too much for my taste as well … Comments in the bitchute listing claim he is lying, but his service postings can of course be tracked – I remember very well what embarrassment it represented for the west, when UN inspectors found absolutely nothing in the ”evil state” but that the process didn’t work – then still one question remains and that is how this catchaMcCan is still alive – see for yourself.

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