Canada under martial law – Was it legit? UNEDITED recs of the gov hearings on my D live channel 4 1WEEK ONLY

The liberal Trudeau government invoked the emergency measures act de facto declaring martial law nationwide in February. This commission is tasked to find out and probe whether reason and concern enough existed at the time – after Nearly 4 weeks of hearings it doesn’t seem so and you can watch and hear multiple witnesses in the government commit perjury on camera.

I guarantee the recordings as I edited Absolutely nothing – I remember only from one replay where I skipped about 2 to 3 minutes of the live stream that I was tuned into because I had some commentary – as the audio has been picked up via my live streaming device with the built in microphone, my original commentary is together on one track – get a kick out of that, dear listeners, I’m even swearing here and there and apologies for that.

POEI @ #LibraryandArchives – gotta c it 2 B LIE ve it

Public order emergency invocation inquiry – this is a summary of my in person experience after 21 days of hearings at the Canadian national library and archives on Wellington Street. No camera no cell phone allowed and even if they allow because they accredited you – still can not make any recordings so unfortunately this features just a lot of talking and not a lot of images at all other than my hand written notes (thank you very much too Hugh for providing me with pen and paper) – because I wasn’t allowed any recordings – it’s however worth listening to – research and report by

R’day in the Canadien capital: how to fail public safety

Dead end no exit crowd amassing at eastern origin of Sparks Street from 5’40 min onwards. Diplomat limousines blocked in eastern origin of Wellington Street afterwards, guess why?! Ottawa City dump trucks blocking Wellington! Wow just wow. Seems like all safety detail on R’day shoulda taken a class in February, when the rest of #freeCanada all graduated and exxxcelled at public safety in the capital! and then finally: #whereIsTheBigT #crimeminister #howtoendangerpublicsafetyinthecapital