Alleged #Epstein #Victim Claimed To Have Copies Of ‘#Blackmail’ #Sex #Tapes He Made Of #Associates

An alleged victim of the deceased elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has claimed that she has digital copies of ‘blackmail’ sex tapes Epstein made of his associates.

New Documents Reveal Alleged Epstein Victim Claimed To Have Copies Of ‘Blackmail’ Sex Tapes He Made Of Associates

Not one of Epstein’s ‘clients’ has been named since his mysterious death or during the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, yet unsealed documents from Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Maxwell have revealed that another accuser, Sarah Ransome (pictured above earlier this year at Maxwell’s sentencing), says she stashed away in secret locations copies of sordid tapes recorded by Epstein.

An email from Ransome reads “When my friend had sexual intercourse with [redacted] and [redacted], sex tapes were in fact filmed on each occasion by Jeffrey,” 

The email, apparently addressed to New York Post reporter Maureen Callahan, continues “Thank God she managed to get ahold of … Continue reading

Merry Yule – Canadian Court System super-ceded by Indigenous Justice?

Within two years of this court case indigenous sovereignty advocate Glenn Bogue has the Superior Court of Justice facing a new avenue of getting right in Canada. Especially one indigenous Supreme Court Justice seems to approach more easily. Please listen to the podcast which is a recording of a zoom session just a week ago.

I have my problems with a few assumptions, for example the reduction to claiming one is either a free woman or a free man, but it’s only now that I myself understand how important the deception of the general public about the rainbow folk really is to keep in place the myth of duality. To me this was always one thing:

we see ourselves in the public process of dismantling the deception of viro LIE agy which was never a discipline with scientific substantiation or method, on the other end we’re facing that … Continue reading