Merry Yule – Canadian Court System super-ceded by Indigenous Justice?

Within two years of this court case indigenous sovereignty advocate Glenn Bogue has the Superior Court of Justice facing a new avenue of getting right in Canada. Especially one indigenous Supreme Court Justice seems to approach more easily. Please listen to the podcast which is a recording of a zoom session just a week ago.

I have my problems with a few assumptions, for example the reduction to claiming one is either a free woman or a free man, but it’s only now that I myself understand how important the deception of the general public about the rainbow folk really is to keep in place the myth of duality. To me this was always one thing:

we see ourselves in the public process of dismantling the deception of viro LIE agy which was never a discipline with scientific substantiation or method, on the other end we’re facing that complete misrepresentation of tragic signalling, some say it really is the disgusting “grooming” toward tolerating to be victimized by pedophile criminals, of what it is like to be in the wrong body by the federal government of The for-profit corporation of Canada, leading to my plain and simple observation that the culture jamming to destroy the inclusivity and tolerance that we achieved in the 90s is the constant flak that is the artillery marching on your mind in this war on The current inhabitants of the Northern turtle Island.

For the record: this world would be a much better place of a few individuals could please just focus on what they do best and not decide for everybody else. Do you find it sexist to stipulate that women are better geared to think for somebody else than men? then why is it that we are disproportionately represented by men? Do you find it sexist to ask if they are biologically even able to represent anybody else? Are we expecting too much of them? Should men no longer be tasked with representation and public office? Is that sexist to ask? ???

Yes it is because our behaviour is a function of our conditioning not our genes. Let’s look at some genetic facts just for the record as well:

Don’t like to explain this fact, shouldn’t have to argue it, therefore I started saying, and that’s part of my media guide, religion is everybody’s personal affair and has no place in any arguing about any matter of representation – sorry to bore you with this long-standing fundament of Western democracies the separation of state and religion meaning any administration is a secular body.

Looking at the needlessly orchestrated and lately extremely cemented in duality in the north of Turtle Island, our rights either come from the king and the queen in what we now know as Canada or by divine creation which means they come from God – in my opinion and analysis both of these approaches are outdated and should be laid to rest in favour of adopting a dignified standard of general treatment of everybody and anything that lives on the planet.

You shall not do onto others the way you do not want to be done to by others.

finally your guide through the starry night lots of meteor showers ahead tonight and tomorrow night!

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