The independent media blues

After you do only one day of independent journalism work you will think very differently about these very arduous dutiful self-starters brilliant people who are too smart for their own good and therefore want to share their knowledge as a warning and a look out for their fellow humans – give to them generously whenever you can – The best is to give them cash but I’m sure everybody will happily accept interact email transfers as well don’t ask what they do with the money it’s already spent on their sleepless hours when they read at night when others sleep to find out what really happened when we all turned off the screen they are still looking at the screen!

do not criticize their work if you have never worked as a freelance journalist instead thank them publicly, share their publications on your social media and recommend those … Continue reading

Not Wavering but raising consciousness: Fringe Fridays in Ottawa

This is a post dedicated to all the fine folks making plans and considering to attend the 8th fire. I just want you all to know that there is some extraordinary humans, truckers, patriots with big hearts dedicating whatever they can to holding out until the Convoy comes back and brings down these slave driver murderous dictators in the administrations of this beautiful land. They all vowed to never leave until this administration resigns. come and join them every week for Fringe Fridays and Unacceptable Views Saturdays on the parliamentary hill in the capital of Canada, Ottawa.

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#WhitneyWebb on the space war

The Neocon Agenda to Militarize Space with Robbie Martin by Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb on #SoundCloud

I never understood why we are not already all dead if there is the evil evil aliens wanting to start a war with us. because looking at the way they travel I don’t think we’d stand any chance ??

Seriously people let’s look at post second world war history: it turned out the Russians didn’t want to kill us, neither the PLO, not the Iraqis, Iranians, Afghani, Syrians didn’t want to kill us ! the Muslims didn’t want to kill us ! Then before that and after that we went to war on drugs which ended with the legalization of cannabis in most US states and federally in Canada, many experts of the industry call it an ursupation by you guessed it our ka-ching ka-ching coaching dictatorship fascist government … Continue reading

#HealthyCanadians’ aka #HealthCanada Cannabis Gong Show

Cannabis equals crazy? #HealthyCanadians excels again at misleading signalling, this time we are facing the shockingly ignorant labelling on state registered cannabis products. This calculated misrepresentation of science amounts to slander and defamation of patients and an entire, very profitable industry.

some observations and explanations by diplom-biologist Maren Molthan, editor-in-chief at

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A principal check on power
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