The independent media blues

After you do only one day of independent journalism work you will think very differently about these very arduous dutiful self-starters brilliant people who are too smart for their own good and therefore want to share their knowledge as a warning and a look out for their fellow humans – give to them generously whenever you can – The best is to give them cash but I’m sure everybody will happily accept interact email transfers as well don’t ask what they do with the money it’s already spent on their sleepless hours when they read at night when others sleep to find out what really happened when we all turned off the screen they are still looking at the screen!

do not criticize their work if you have never worked as a freelance journalist instead thank them publicly, share their publications on your social media and recommend those channels to your friends.

to all of our supporters

thank you very much for walking the walk and showing your preference for the real news – not government propaganda as in the legacy media.

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