#WhitneyWebb on the space war

The Neocon Agenda to Militarize Space with Robbie Martin by Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/unlimited-hangout/ep-15-robbie-martin


I never understood why we are not already all dead if there is the evil evil aliens wanting to start a war with us. because looking at the way they travel I don’t think we’d stand any chance ??

Seriously people let’s look at post second world war history: it turned out the Russians didn’t want to kill us, neither the PLO, not the Iraqis, Iranians, Afghani, Syrians didn’t want to kill us ! the Muslims didn’t want to kill us ! Then before that and after that we went to war on drugs which ended with the legalization of cannabis in most US states and federally in Canada, many experts of the industry call it an ursupation by you guessed it our ka-ching ka-ching coaching dictatorship fascist government – turns out the drugs also do not kill us – it’s the trauma (anybody born before the 70s is so bored by the constant switch of scapegoat and then just doing a merry go round until people forget the first scapegoats chosen by our oppressive dictatorship governments) – now again we realize the Russians do not want to kill us – they are afraid of the imperialistic NATO expansion which goes against all common sense and historic rooting of the areas in question!!!,

I think at this point it’s the time the whole room starts laughing when one more of these professional fear mongers in the Secret Services, the department of homeland security or any other mafia organization is telling us we gotta be afraid for our lives – we will next time anybody saying that about anything who is on a government cheque we all gotta start laughing real hard!!!

Laugh when something is ridiculous! Say something ! don’t let it go unchecked when it is a nonsensical uttering – a manipulation, a false statement ! an untruth ! A LIE! don’t let them get away with these lies when we are supposed to be truthful all in all daily dealings!!!

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