1-year-anniversary: tribal and settler protesters demand better policing on the hill in unison


Part 1: Friday evening 27th / Saturday, 28th of January 2023

The bureaucratic and ever changing rules and regulations of procedure on the parliamentary hill set forth by the crown cooperation of Canada, a for-profit corporation registered in Washington DC, are hurting onsite, no budget reporters the most – tragically also represent a gross abuse of the peoples’ enforcement and that is a loss for the democracy this organization claims to be.

If you claim to be in favour of transparency oh Canada, then why is it so hard to come close to where the centre of power is?

Why are there no dedicated parking spaces for freelance journalists to invite and make easy the independent monitoring of representation and enforcement?

You are playing us, the original peoples of the land and your agents of the state are being played just the same.

We demand to be treated as the sovereign we are!

In fact, we do not need your approval. You do not comprise us – we allowed you – your government services are optional. The nature of your organization is a resource exploitation cooperation.

You have not consulted with us about these rules and regulations we never had a legitimate say in the rules and regulations and you cannot be possibly scrutinizing indigenous Canadians on their spirituality and religious paraphernalia. That is absurd, I think even PPS staff realized that in the middle of the conversation just look at their eyes and their smile!

It is very unfair to them as well!

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