1 year Freedom-Convoy anniversary: A post colonial policingcatastrophe


Welcome to the second part of the long documentation about the first year anniversary celebrations for the freedom convoy arriving to the capital of Canada Ottawa.

We are witnessing a postcolonial policing catastrophe. No indigenous peoples especially not tribal ones have been consulted in constituting the service forces policing the hill.
In fact those rules whoever makes them the question remains do not apply to any tribal peoples of Turtle Island.
That in fact agents of a for-profit crown corporation state keep trespassing indigenous folks of Turtle Island and charging them with trespass is one of the greatest absurdities in North America today.

Even policing staff smiles and goes silent at the dimension of that absurdity.

When will the original inhabitants of North America have their say in how they are going to be policed?

Camera bamboo backpack concept edits production post production
Still in title: Carl Grant @ freedom photos

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