What unity means –

and why calling for it to shun debate makes you look like the government.

This comes to us from a very lit fella !

<<It may be the opinion of some that a few of my posts are causing division and they have the right to feel that way. But maybe, just maybe I’m just stating my opinion and everyone commenting is doing the same. Why label it as causing division, rather than just speaking ones mind aka uncensored thoughts. It’s all about pespective. It doesn’t have to be complicated. That is what freedom is all about. Open discussion is a good thing and should be encouraged not ridiculed.

It is sad to see how weak minded and against freedom many within the movement have become. So easily triggered by differing opinion and itching to start trashing someone over it rather then trying to understand the persons opinion or the message being conveyed.

My opinions towards a group of peoples toxic behavior is valid and needs to be addressed. The division is not in what I have to say but in the poor ways people react rather then seeing where my talking points are coming from.

Unity is not all of us comforming to one strict set of beliefs. It’s accepting that we all have many different beliefs and opinions on many different things but we all share a concern for what our government and the elites are doing against us.

So flat earthers just stop attacking those who believe we live on a globe and being so triggered when someone asks if the sun is also flat. Also just understand that the elites are using you to discredit the movement. You can still have your belief but maybe curb the enthusiasm for the benefit of the movement.

Religious people stop trying to force your beliefs on everyone and people will stop getting upset with you and you’ll have less reasons to get upset with others. You are absolutely free to believe in God, but others are free to have different beliefs and do not need your attacks and ridicule. Love thy neighbor unconditionally.

And homophobes keep your opinion to yourselves because there are a lot of gay, lesbian and cross dressing folks who stand with us against the sexualization of children and we need their support on that front.>>

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