Part 2 and 3: #RFK Jr sparks a joyous #Boston Park Plaza

This is the third part:

This is the second part:

This is the link to the original replay where I recorded my images.

Also check out my addendum – I’m planning to deliver an update about the almost State of the Union, the province of Quebec

Where right now the American way of life is dead and a genocide takes place and has been taking place since a few years at least

and as all of that extends out to the rest of Canada.

Bottom line of my analysis here is

  1. Team Kennedy needs to put a lot more senior resources to sound production – The best thing would be to have a steady campaign sound production team that travels with the campaign;
  2. There is undermination in the direct surrounding as I don’t believe one minute that this emergency announcement was not manipulated – that is your bankers trying to take control of the room because nobody wants to hear that we are on a safe way to the collapse of the American dollar!!! Kennedy just lauded China for building bridges instead of bombing them like the United States and relayed, that too many powerful nations and former allies of the United States are now switching to Chinese currency – therefore I think it is safe to say the timing of that emergency announcement was no coincidence!

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This is the third part of a commented review on copyright and production issues with regards to the live production into the livestream of on Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Where RFK Junior otherwise also known as a Bobby Kennedy Jr announced that he will try to win the Democratic nomination for candidate for the US presidency in just about a year.

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