Prosecute Pharmascists!

The Big Catch (Up): UN-FORTUNE-ATE
Promoting American Pharma:

Chelsea Clinton announces in a Pharma sponsored program (watch the video) the worlds largest Immunization Catch up program for children: “Global partners announce a new effort – “The Big Catch-up” – to vaccinate millions of children and restore immunization progress lost during the pandemic” . Chelsea also happens to stress the need for Public Private Partnerships (always a great slogan). It just so happens that two of the Big Pharma Four reside in the USA: Pfizer & Merck. Can this initiative be seen as nothing short of pure pharma propaganda? But it does not stop there.

“The pandemic-era rise in vaccine hesitancy—and outright rejection of vaccines—is “unfortunate,” she said, noting that she had tempered her words.” “I do think we need to have a much more robust conversation” she adds. Let us have that robust conversation. About vaccines, v-science and … Continue reading