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The Big Catch (Up): UN-FORTUNE-ATE
Promoting American Pharma:

Chelsea Clinton announces in a Pharma sponsored program (watch the video) the worlds largest Immunization Catch up program for children: “Global partners announce a new effort – “The Big Catch-up” – to vaccinate millions of children and restore immunization progress lost during the pandemic” . Chelsea also happens to stress the need for Public Private Partnerships (always a great slogan). It just so happens that two of the Big Pharma Four reside in the USA: Pfizer & Merck. Can this initiative be seen as nothing short of pure pharma propaganda? But it does not stop there.

“The pandemic-era rise in vaccine hesitancy—and outright rejection of vaccines—is “unfortunate,” she said, noting that she had tempered her words.” “I do think we need to have a much more robust conversation” she adds. Let us have that robust conversation. About vaccines, v-science and much more. That conversation is long overdue.

The interviewer: “you are also an investor”.

Clinton nods.


The Catch Up program is a cooperation of

  • the American Clinton foundation works,
  • the American philantro-capital Gates foundation, who just happened to be one of the biggest donors and therefore a heavy agenda-setting WHO contributor.
  • Unicef: the biggest procurer of vaccines in the whole world, an organization that since its inception has an American director
  • the pharma-corporate captive agency WHO and
  • GAVI: an initiative by the American Gates foundation with an American CEO fat-cat Berkley (read British msm)

All for the greater good around the world


With its next-generation pneumococcal vaccine, Pfizer has been playing catch-up with Merck in the indication’s key age group—infants. Thursday, Pfizer got to the finish line 10 months after its rival, but with a shot that offers more protection.

The FDA approval of Prevnar 20 covers children ages 6 weeks to 17 years and gives Pfizer a chance to continue to control a market it has dominated for two decades.

April 2023

Find Merck & Pfizer here
(Note British GlaxoSmithKline and French Sanofi are the other 2 big players

UNICEF: always an American

Fore is Unicef’s seventh executive director, since the organization’s founding in 1946, a position always held by an American


Gavi’s impact draws on the strengths of its core partners, the World Health Organization, (American led) UNICEF, the America based World Bank and the (American) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and plays a critical role in strengthening primary health care (PHC), bringing us closer to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), ensuring that no one is left behind.

American Seth Berkley
GAVI, CDC Rockefeller foundation (Uganda)

Chelsea’s announcement:

The initiative:

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